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I-75 south lane open in Tennessee

Mar 16, 2012 - 4:31:33 PM | By Overdrive Staff
A lane of southbound I-75 in Tennessee near the Kentucky border has been constructed after a March 8 landslide closed part of the freeway.

A crossover lane was built in the northbound lanes to allow southbound traffic, the Tennessee Department of Transportation said. Two northbound lanes and one southbound lane are now open.

The slide occurred at mile marker 143 near the Stinking Creek Road exit. No estimate was given when the roadway will re-open.

I-75 southbound is closed at mile marker 160. Traffic must follow U.S. 25 west to La Follette and return to I-75 at mile marker 134, TDOT said. Wide loads must leave I-75 south at exit 160, turn right and follow State Route 297 west to SR 63, and return to I-75 south at exit 141.

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