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Jun 24, 2012 - 10:09:40 PM | By Gary Addis
Crossing the roads of America are all kinds of rigs--big trucks, little trucks, tankers, flatbeds, straight trucks, stepvans, coal buckets, bull wagons, reefer units.  Some, though rust-streaked and dented, are sound mechanically.  Some are older than my oldest grandson; some are newer than my youngest.  A few are movie star beautiful, bearing forty coats of paint and gorgeous murals; such trucks are bathed and buffed as often as their drivers.  
T. E. Smith Transport & Logistics' rigs aren't "show trucks".  But the fleet's official color scheme (predominantly black with red lettering) does stand out nicely from the crowd, and the equipment is obviously well maintained.
T. E. Smith's rigs are pretty enough to drive to a prom, certainly.  But these are working trucks.  The company's US ground fleet is 100% owner-operator.  The fleet contracts with the owners of both tractor-trailer rigs and all manner of expediter trucks, and keeps everyone rolling and earning.  
According to Terry Smith, founder and president, "T. E. Smith pays our owner/operators 70% of gross revenue with absolutely no deductions.  To the best of my knowledge, that's the best rate currently paid in the industry."

If You Can Provide:

  • Well maintained, reliable truck
  • If you or your driver is 23 years of age
  • Clean driving record for at least 3 years
  • Clean criminal records search
  • ICC medical and drug test
  • Appropriate license for your vehicle
  • 3 Year verifiable commercial driving experience
  • Border crossing experience
  • CSA/FAST approval

T. E. Smith Offers:

  • Lots of miles
  • Excellent rate of pay
  • Team trips
  • No forced dispatch
  • Paid waiting time
  • Weekly settlements
  • Direct deposit pay
  • Fuel cards
  • Friendly & dedicated dispatchers who care     

If You Can Provide:

  • CSA/FAST Approval
  • Clean Drivers Abstract past 3 years
  • Clean Criminal Search
  • 3 Year Recent Verifiable Commercial Driving Experience
  • Border Crossing Experience
  • Appropriate License
  • 23 years of age
T. E. Smith Offers:

  • Friendly & Dedicated Dispatchers who care
  • Company Cell Phones
  • Fuel Cards
  • Company Health Plan
  • RRSP Plan
  • Yearly Safety Bonus

CLICK HERE to apply now!
T. E. Smith enjoys an industry-wide reputation for providing dependable service.  Poor road conditions and mechanical breakdowns happen to all.  But diligent pre-trip planning (rerouting as necessary) mitigates the effects of bad weather, and well-maintained equipment is less prone to blow a tire or heater hose while under a load.  
"We take pride in maintaining 99.7% on-time delivery," Terry Smith says.
The fleet has been operating profitably for 20+ years under founder Terry Smith's leadership.  But it's time, he says, to pass some of the decision-making on to the next generation, Nate and Matt Smith.  This move is already paying benefits.
Among innovations the younger generation has helped to implement includes the acquisition of a specially designed refrigerated trailer, which, filled with 150 kegs of beer and equipped with outside taps for easy access to the icy cold beverage, is rented and delivered to outdoor events.  
Driver, if you and your equipment passes muster, T. E. Smith will open its collective arms and welcome you into the family.  Here, you will not be a number; here, you will be among friendly people who will do everything within their power to ensure your success--for your success is also their success.  
For more information, visit our website at

T.E. Smith wants to be a good neighbor to the world.  In that spirit, the company avidly sponsors:
  • Jesse's Journey, a charitable organization that raises donations for research into, and to serve, the needs of victims of Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. (
  • London Knights ice hockey team (
  • Stonetown Jam, a music festival conducted every year by T. E. smith Transport and Logistics to raise funds for childrens' hospitals and Sunshine Kids Charity.
  • Eurocup
  • Zurich Beanfest
  • Ron Ellis Foundation

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04 Aug 2012, 17:18
The first truck that really won me over was my fahrets. In 1994, he ordered a brand new fully loaded 1995 3500 4 4, V10, Dually, club cab. He was pulling a GCW of 34,000 lbs cross country to various trade shows. That left an impression on me.I guess the truck that really won me over though was my first vehicle. When it came time to get my own vehicle, dad suggested I get a 1990 W250 that he knew of locally. It was in great condition, had an automatic, reg cab, and it was a Cummins. So, with his suggestion that I get that truck, it became my first vehicle. I still own that truck after 9 years and it stills serves as my daily driver, race truck, part hauler for my restoration truck, and show vehicle. I have even used it to recently tow my trailer accross the country on a 7600 mile trip! The truck has evolved over the years. I have doubled the power (300 hp and 800 ft/lbs), converted it to a standard trans, added a Gear Vendors, changed the suspension to better handle loads and give it a 1 lift, added a complete 4 exhaust, PRXB exhaust brake, and changed turbo charger to name a few things. I have found that regardless of age, nothing beats a Ram! My other truck is also a Ram and it is my first restoration vehicle. I am currently restoring a 1980 W350 Dually, 4 door crew cab that now sports a twin turbo Cummins, SRT-8 Charger interior, 24 speed trans, and air ride suspension.The more I think about it, I am not sure which one has left the biggest impression .Robert
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