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XM Radio in '07 Sprinter

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by raynchk, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. raynchk

    raynchk New Recruit

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to get XM radio hooked up (correctly) in my 2007 Sprinter. I've got it hooked up now where the XM signal booster (terminology ?) is spliced directly onto the antenna at the back of the radio. Doesn't seem to help much..

    I have a Sound 5 Mercedes radio system in the Sprinter along with a cd player. Its a good unit and I hate to toss it for an aftermarket with an AUX plug. The manual says I can unplug the cdchanger* and attach an AUX device there. I've asked the parts desk at the dealers about this and they are of no help whatsoever. Went to car tunes and they couldn't find anything that would work by running the VIN number through their suppliers.

    I'm getting frustrated with what seems to be a fairly minor install problem. I'm going to spend some time searching on the net to see if I can find anything and perhaps someone on EO has an answer.

  2. RLENT

    RLENT Seasoned Expediter

    I'm not sure I understand exactly how you are trying to install it but if you are trying to hardwire the XM into your current sound system it likely can be done - I'm about to do it on our 2006 with a Sound 30 radio/cd player.

    On mine it requires using the "AUX" input on the Sound 30 system - this prevents the use of a (multi) cd changer (but still permits the use of the single cd player in the radio itself)

    These guys:

    make an adapter cable with two RCA ends (left and right) and a plug that fits into the back of the radio/cd player - where the plug for the cd changer would normally go - but you can't have a cd changer hooked up at the same time. Cost with shipping is around $25.

    You might give a call and ask if they have a solution for what you are trying to do. They are dealers for Becker (and Blaupunkt) which is the OEM for the radios/cd players in the Sprinter and are familiar with the units.
  3. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Simple solution,
    Go and get a Belkin tunecastII and a power cord for it from Wal-Mart or where ever and use that. you can plug your XM, laptop (which is what I do) iPod or what ever in it and listen to it on the radio.
  4. RLENT

    RLENT Seasoned Expediter


    I would assume that his XM has a built-in FM transmitter (my Sirius does) and he should be able to use it to transmit the XM broadcast directly to his radio, with out the tunecastII. The problem with this type of set up is when you travel over a large area the available (unused) FM frequencies change .... so you constantly have to reset the frequency the sat radio is broadcasting on ..... that's the reason I wanted to hardwire my Sirius.

    ....... maybe I'm missing something here .......
  5. redytrk

    redytrk Active Expediter

  6. raynchk

    raynchk New Recruit

    Got the radio wired direct with a special adapter from Continental Imports in Gainsville, FL. Works great, too bad more people don't know about the adapter. Thanks for all the input.
  7. RLENT

    RLENT Seasoned Expediter


    Glad the adapter plug worked out for ya. I managed to get mine wired in just the other day myself - nice to have the better sound quality ...... and not to have be fiddling with the FM transmitter every so often.

    I have noticed that there is a ever-so-slight whine from some engine electrical component (varies with engine rpm) It isn't really all that noticable going down the road because all the other (road) noise just drowns it out, but I can hear while sitting at idle. Is yours similar ?

    Probably need some sorta filter ..... but I'm not exactly sure where ........
  8. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

    It's probably alternator whine, especially if it rises and falls with engine RPM's. But it might be anything electrical. More than likely, a simple in-line noise filter in the radio's positive lead will cure it. It might be RF being picked up by the antenna, and if that's the case you will need to move the antenna or re-route the antenna wire away from whatever it's picking up.

    Any audio shop will have the noise filter.
  9. RLENT

    RLENT Seasoned Expediter


    It does rise and fall with engine rpm. And it is present on both the stock Becker radio/cd changer and on my CB (which has an external speaker)

    I'll check with some local car stereo installers for the filters. Thanks !

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