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whats a cargo van driven for an owner make a week?

Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by wayne_g, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. wayne_g

    wayne_g New Recruit

    i have read some of the articles but i still want to know what can i expect to make a week driveing a cargo van or sprinter for someone else?wayne in london ky.
  2. maybe_driving

    maybe_driving New Recruit

    2000.00 one week 2.00 the next this will depend on being where they need you at the time
  3. terryandrene

    terryandrene Active Expediter

    A cargo van owner/operator leased to an expedite carrier could reasonably expect to gross between $45,000 and $80,000, some more and some less. A driver for an owner usually agrees to a 40/60 split so you could expect to net $18K to $32K.

    Expediting is a cyclical business with busy days, busy weeks and busy months. There are also slow days, slow weeks and slow months. One of the keys to enjoyment in expediting is knowing, or guessing, where and when it's busy for your vehicle type, your carrier's customers, your work ethic. Different owners pay differently, some carriers are flat rate, some are percentage based. Unless your among the mobile homeless, it also matters where your home base is located.

    The successful among us don't view how much we can earn weekly or even monthy; we look at quarters and whole years gross. Maybe_driving's answer above was, based on my experience, an accurate answer.
  4. Jack_Berry

    Jack_Berry Moderator Emeritus

    many people will not discuss just what THEY made in a year. you might contact recruiters for large and mediumies and compare that to any private answers you get.
  5. Pruittplum

    Pruittplum New Recruit

    Re: whats a cargo van driven for an owner make a week?


    2000.00 one week 2.00 the next this will depend on being where they need you at the time

    Same way with the straight truck! You never know from week to week if your going to sit all week and run hard all week.
  6. BillChaffey

    BillChaffey Active Expediter

    I would surely like to meet the person who driving someone Else's Rig earned $2,000.00 in a week on the road.
  7. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    I believe that would require meeting people not a person as well as truck operators not van operators. I'm sure van o/o teams have $2000 weeks periodically and that van operator teams getting 60% have weeks where they gross $2000 once in a while but rarely. I doubt that even a 60/40 split team would have a $2000 net week.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2008

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