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What Kind of Oil?

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Jumbuck, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Jumbuck

    Jumbuck New Recruit

    Hi: Could someone please tell me what kind of oil and how much a dodge sprinter 2500 diesel will take? Also, do the quickie oil change places change oil in them?
    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. comet_4298

    comet_4298 New Recruit

    229.51; NAPA and PEP Boys has some or order online.
  3. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    Jim...what year of Sprinter?
  4. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    okay, might be stating the obvious
    Diesel oil like Rotella?

    Unless Sprinters use oil of unicorn?
  5. ebsprintin

    ebsprintin Active Expediter

    To beef up your understanding of this topic, try doing a search for "sprinter oil", and "fumoto". There is a good chance you'll end up doing your own oil changes, since the sprinter is one of the easiest vehicles to service (engine oil-wise; transmission service is a different story).

    You can find filters in bulk at places like, Sprinter Filters - OEM Filters for Sprinter Vans and Europarts: Online Source for Sprinter Parts and Eurovan Parts These places will give you an idea what other supplies are available and their prices.

  6. ebsprintin

    ebsprintin Active Expediter

    Sometimes I think it's easier and cheaper to find unicorn oil than the proper sprinter grade oil.

    Another reason I think the sprinter van isn't a good starter vehicle for expediting.

  7. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

    To even further beef up your understanding of this topic, crack open the Owner's Manual and look at what kind of oil is recommended. It also tells you how much is required. If an oil you want to use is not on the list, don't use it.
  8. existenz

    existenz New Recruit

    Hello all!
    Probably not the spot for a first post, BUT I did want to add my own bit of info.

    I drive the shell rotella road show rig, that some may of seen at the expo with speedco.
    I first heard about the oil spec issue for the sprinters there, as it was brought to my attention that speedco does not service them.

    From what Ive read, the gasoline sprinters use(since 2005) MB 229.5 oil spec, and since 2007 diesels use 229.51.
    These are synthetic oils.

    Rotella does not currently meet the 229.51 spec, only the MB 228.31. The difference is seemingly minor on paper, as part of the issue is a difference in ash chemistry (.8% compared to 1.0% I believe) among a few other differences.
    BUT none the less, shell does NOT recommend the use of Rotella in these engines.
    Better for the life of the DPF,motor, and of course the warranty in the long run to use what the motor was designed for.

    From what I have seen:
    Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5W-40
    Valvoline SynPower MST 5W-30
    The above meet the specs.

    (Info taken from here)

    For the gas motors, shell does have a Eurpo spec penzoil 5w-30.

    A good website for oil info.
    - Bob is the Oil Guy

    No matter what,with any oil, take what you hear from others, and read online with a grain of salt(even my above post). Always refer to the owners manual, not what someone says "oh that should work, always has for me".

    Hope this helps!~
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2011
  9. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    dakota wrote:


    existenz wrote:

  10. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

    Shell Rotella T is on The List for pre-2007 Sprinters.
  11. existenz

    existenz New Recruit

    That's good to know!:D
  12. tbcabs

    tbcabs New Recruit

    I have a 2005 sprinter and I use rotella in mine. And it is an APPROVED oil for the pre 2007 engines.
  13. jammyherry

    jammyherry Guest

    You can go for ROTELLA. It is very good oil...
  14. mcavoy33

    mcavoy33 New Recruit

    Would I just need to check the owners manual to see what is approved for a 2007 sprinter?

    edit: found it on pg 350, they've been doing the oil changes themselves at the shop and there is a jug of rotella in the back, what can happen if they are using the wrong oil?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2011
  15. existenz

    existenz New Recruit

    Blocked DPF, extra maintenance down the road, the oil may not hold up as long as it should.
    The differences in the oil is small, but it matters.
    Using an oil with out the right spec can void a warranty as well.
  16. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

    Three things for sure: voided warranty, shorter engine life, damaged DPF.

    Shell Rotella T is a MB 228.3 oil, which is fine for the earlier models, but it the way wrong formula for the 3.0 L V6 engines. The new engines require a different formulation for lubrication of the high pressure sheer parts at temperature, and for the DPF. There are likely other considerations, as well.

    Any oil on "The List" is fine (MB 228.51, MB 229.31, MB 229.51) (click those 3 links, it's very kewl :) ), but it's also not by accident that Mobil 1 ESP Formula MB is specifically mentioned by name in the Technica Service Manual. That's the oil that was specifically engineered for the engine during its design and testing. Just something to keep in mind.

    The page following the approved oils page in the Freightliner Owners Manual, in the section on adding oil, it specifically says if none of the above oils are available, as an alternative you can use MB 228.5, 229.3 and 229.5 oil, but no more than one quart of it. Rotella, of course, doesn't even fit that criteria in any amount.

    I don't know who "they are", but "they" need a good talking to. Show 'em the manual, show 'em the MB spec numbers, and then close the manual and hit them with it. :D

    For those who care (and if you have a Sprinter of any year you should), here's the overview index page for the Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids.
  17. mcavoy33

    mcavoy33 New Recruit

    thx exist & turtle.

    They are the safety director who overseas the fleet and I suppose the maintenance guy who does the work. I'll let them know tomorrow.

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