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What is the weight /class limit someone needs before obtaining a dot card

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by LittleJoe10, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. LittleJoe10

    LittleJoe10 New Recruit

    I have a question . I have had my own business , then stopped for a year ,then went to work as a company driver . I had to hang keys up for a ICD implant . and I miss driving . Can I still drive a cmv under 26 kg gcw before I need medical card . I have my cdl A. I can use my dot # and mc# (yes or no ) . Any help would be great . I know the whole in and outs of the business, and looking for work in NY is impossible . Thanks Joe
  2. truckblue

    truckblue Rookie Expediter

    is an icd for your heart? i will go out on a limb and say if you have a cdl license, and drive a commercial vehicle, you need a medical card...but, if you can get one with a difibulator ( if thats what that is), it might be for 3 months at a time. they might require a stress test at the least. talk to a doctor about it.
  3. LittleJoe10

    LittleJoe10 New Recruit

    Here is the story ,, I had a heart attck in 2006 , took year off and then started driving again . This past January , I had the ICD implant , and according to the FMCSA391.41 once it is in you, your done . The problem I am having a hard time is trying to find work in the office areas doing ,safety, dispatch or running the office for someone ,but I am drawing blanks on were to begin looking for answers , I hit every job board . but no luck . I want to drive so bad ,(the itch to get back in the rocking chair is killing me), but I was playing the idea of doing hot shot work ,but don't know if there is a restriction limit for the dot card .
  4. TonyG

    TonyG New Recruit

    The problem with that is you are going to need to lease your vehicle with a company, the only way I see is to get your own authority and go from there. but if you are operating a cmv and get pulled over by dot they will ask you for your medical card. so either way you will need to get a dot physical.
  5. truckblue

    truckblue Rookie Expediter

    have you tried looking into local courier work. If you are in a large enough city, all you need is a car, pick up or mini van...depends on company. this will get you in the driver seat, no dot restrictions, and home every night. just a thought.
  6. bluejaybee

    bluejaybee New Recruit

    You have to have a medical card to drive a CMV under 26000 GVW. Now I am not sure about a van or 10000 and under. But I think you are talking about a straight truck 26000 and under.
  7. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

  8. LittleJoe10

    LittleJoe10 New Recruit

    Turtle , and others Thank you . I knew there was a number but I wasn't sure of the exact weight limit . I am in upstate NY and not many companies that run vans etc. I would look in to it , but is there any particular good companies . .I use to run with FECC , but had bad experience when they had me locked into working just Cali for 2 weeks straight and no loads .
  9. JohnMueller

    JohnMueller Moderator Staff Member

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