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Discussion in 'Newbies FAQ' started by 2fast4love, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. 2fast4love

    2fast4love New Recruit

    I just traded in my pickup truck for an extended cargo van after expediting in someone else's van for several months. The available cargo space in my van is about 11.5 feet long and I am curious to know how many standard size skids I can fit inside of it. Does anyone know what the most common skid size is so that I can figure out how many of them I can fit on my van? Thanks.
  2. x06col

    x06col Active Expediter

    You have been Expediting for "several months" and have to ask what size skids are???? Interesting? To say the least. My quess is, most 60+% will be 48 by 40 inches. But, be aware that you have a whole 10.5 feet to fill up.
  3. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    The industry standard is 48" long x 40" wide. This is also called a standard 4-way. Three 4-way pallets turned sideways will occupy just over 120" or 10 feet.
    Be sure to have a chain or tow strap to pull the pallets to the rear for unloading.
  4. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    I have been getting 52X52 size skids lately but I have been hauling paint.
  5. terryandrene

    terryandrene Active Expediter

    In my opinion, skid size should be the least of your concerns. The weight of those three skids is more important to the healthy life of your Sprinter.

    The advertised cargo capacity of a 4 wheel, model 2500, 158" wheel base with high roof is 3308#. That includes a driver and a full fuel tank. Once you start adding the weight necessary for comfort, endurance and the safety of you and your cargo, you will bring your SAFE cargo capacity to less than 3000# and closer to 2500#.

    You will probably need a weight scale ticket to present to your carrier before you get your lease agreement; I suggest you get another ticket in a couple of months after you outfit the van so that you'll really know the safe capacity.
  6. arkjarhead

    arkjarhead New Recruit

    i don't much about vans, but don't they make sprinters that are dually's that can carry more weight? just curious.
  7. MSinger

    MSinger New Recruit

    Yes. The Sprinter 3500 has DRW and has a GVWR of 9990#. I heard you have to alter the wheel wells some to accomodate a 48" wide skid.
  8. x06col

    x06col Active Expediter

    Heard? How about some facts here??? The interesting thing, is, that seems a lot of folks ask questions here, instead of asking a/the Carrier of interest. That way you can get it from the horses mouth instead of some horses a$$ guessing. Does not relate to this post, but, think about it, newbies, and ask someone whom might write your paycheck. There is a difference.
  9. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    In response to Terrys post we have the 158" hightop Sprinter with 2 people and all our gear we weigh out between 6000-6200 empty with a gvrw of 8550= 2300-2500lbs payload safely.
    My wife also packs like a rock star...i figure an extra 200 lbs just for her gear!!!!!

    I'll let you know when I fly single next month....:)

    heard?? Yes the wheelwells can be altered...but for what reason. It would be hard to recover the costs of this for a measly 500 lbs. And the FACT they get 1-2 mpg less then the single axle.
  10. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    I didn't realize Sprinters were so light. My Chevy tips the scales at 7100#. It might be time for a good cleaning and a diet.
  11. MSinger

    MSinger New Recruit

    I wrote "HEARD" because I had read that fact in another post somewhere. Since I wasn't the one who asked the original question I wasn't going to take the time to research where I had "heard" that info. Just letting the guy know that it was a possibility instead of doing like some and making believe that everything I personally write is the Gospel Truth.
    I get more smarta** replies from posts on this site anymore that it is almost not worth doing. If you know something different.... post it instead of just merely questioning everyone else's posts when you have no further info.
  12. MSinger

    MSinger New Recruit

    Besides that the original post never said anything about a Sprinter. He said he had an extended cargo van.
  13. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    I always thought a skid was 48x48. This is one of 10 sizes of North American pallet per Wikipedia. See

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  14. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    The "gold standard" pallet is a 48" x 40" four-way pallet. This is the most commonly used and traded pallet. Those blue CHEP pallets are 48 x 40. Many shippers use their own size pallet. 3M uses at least 2 odd size pallets. Some shippers use any P.O.S. pallet they have laying around. So if a shipper says 2 pallets it could be anything.

    I have a tape measure clipped to my tire jack holder just inside the rear door of my van. It comes in handy for measuring not only the length of a load but also the height.
  15. blacktiger

    blacktiger New Recruit


    Ain't that rather personal?

  16. theoldprof

    theoldprof New Recruit

    Don't you take pi, or pie into your undies waist size?

    :+ :+
  17. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member

    oh my :eek:

    22 years
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  18. Broompilot

    Broompilot New Recruit

    Leo you nimkumpoof. You better hope some others here do not read this or this is what your gona be called, better get with it or your not considered an Expediter anymore. Its 48x40 according to the well you know who....
  19. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Well, once I got started I learned there's more to skids than 48x48 but that is one of the 10 accepted sizes as shown in that article I linked. Not the worst thing I've ever been called and probably not the worst in my future either.

    Leo Bricker, 73's K5LDB, OOIDA Life Member 677319
    Owner, Panther trucks 5508, 5509, 5641
    Highway Watch Participant, Truckerbuddy
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    Support the entire Constitution, not just the parts you like.

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