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UPS Load Board

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by southernbboi, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. southernbboi

    southernbboi New Recruit

    UPS working on a load board up in 2 months. What can brown do for you?
  2. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    Re: Ups working on a loadboard up in 2 month what can brown do for you

    Well if they are devoloping a loadboard, one would think that they are going to start to offer freight up for it should be a good thing for expediters....yes? no?
  3. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Recruit

    Re: Ups working on a loadboard up in 2 month what can brown do for you

    UPS brokering expedite? Nothing new there. UPS Freight has been calling Panther and E-1 for some time. Express Critical has been brokering ever since they bought out Menlo (Emery) Expedite!
  4. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    Re: Ups working on a loadboard up in 2 month what can brown do for you

    Yea I should have said MORE, because i have hauled UPS freight in the past...But again, if they are going to start a loadboard of their own, it would appear they are cutting out the "middleman" and opening it all (or more) up to bid....
  5. Camper

    Camper Banned

    My guess is that they're looking to unload the freight destined for fringe areas, so that they can concentrate their resources more on the high density zones.

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    Last edited: Jul 6, 2011
  6. blizzard

    blizzard Active Expediter

    This is going to be a good thing. All Express-1 does is take a phone call from UPS and then throws the load up on the alliance for other carriers to bid on and they still get a heafy cut on their end. Panther also does the same thing. I think eliminating the middle man and opening up their freight board to the rest of the companies out there will be a good thing for them. It is however not going to be a good thing for the rates! Cudos UPS.
  7. lugnut1

    lugnut1 New Recruit

    UPS and a BID load board, already happening… This is an exact quote contained in the notes section of a load I was looking at a while back. “Note: Straight Truck – UPS LOAD, DO NOT AWARD TO FEDX”
    Load was offered out @ $477.25 for 250 miles. 1100lbs. 2 pallets 108x48x36
  8. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    I've hauled and picked for UPS freight nearly daily in the past year, through Towne Air
  9. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Isn't this just like Averett freight?
  10. jelliott

    jelliott Expert Expediter

    UPS does business with a number of expedite carriers. A bid board will just be a tool to make the freight awarding more of a commodity priced item. Good for some maybe, but bad for others. These type of boards very often do not put a value on the level of service and support that a carrier offers.

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