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Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by JOE T, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. JOE T

    JOE T New Recruit

    Does anyone know what a trip lease is or how it works?
  2. tazman

    tazman New Recruit

    I think from what I've read ...this is a lease between an operator and a carrier to carry cargo on a scheduled trip.....

    I'm not sure if it is a one-time deal or an ongoing agreement...

    I think it spells out what the carrier requires of the operator relating to that particular trip/cargo/truck ...

    Maybe somebody else can elaborate ????


    "The Beast in the East":)
  3. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member

    In general, a load that is hauled through a broker.
    You may be running under your carriers authority or have your own.
    Also, it can be a single load or a daily run.
  4. Loose_Cannon47

    Loose_Cannon47 New Recruit

    Per "The Trucker's Place - glossary" (Geocities):

    Trip Lease - A one trip only lease.

    Trip Lease Operators - Owner operators who haul for a different carrier or broker each trip.


    Trip Lease - Leasing a company's vehicle to another transportation provider for a single trip.

    Amazing what you can find on a google search...hope this covers it for ya... :)

  5. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    A trip lease is exactly what it says.It is a lease of your equipment and driver(s) for one trip only. At one time you could also purchase trip insurance for one trip. This was a good deal which would allow you to freelance so naturally it went away but I think you can get insurance for a single trip through a broker.
  6. Crazynuff

    Crazynuff New Recruit

    Trip leases are mainly used for backhauls . You pay the broker or carrier that has the load then if you have a permanent lease , your carrier takes a percentage of that which doesn't leave much for you . Trip leases are usually a way to avoid deadheading out of an area your carrier can't get a load from.
  7. BigDaddyD

    BigDaddyD New Recruit

    Hi.. I am looking for an online printable trip lease agreement between me (driver) & my employer. It's a small company with only 4 trucks. We're interstate in Oklahoma. Thanks!
  8. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Sorry but you need a lawyer to actually write up a solid contract for you. You don't want a legal zoom cheap solution for this, there are too many issues with it.
  9. 14Wheeler

    14Wheeler New Recruit

    As others have said (they obviously know from experience) trip lease is a pretty simple procedure. davekc's answer was probably the closest and it covers about all the angles.

    youd like to get home and your carrier cant help you out
    you then find a load on your own thru whatever source
    you then find a load and agree to take it
    you then drive to Pilot (or any other truck stop)
    you go inside and grab a trip lease form at the Keller section (by the log sheets)

    Basically your done. Go to pickup and fill out the form.

    lawyer?? what a friggen joke.

    How do I know this info about trip leases ? Because ive personally done it. No MEGA b.s.
  10. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    There's no frickn'n joke about employee contracts, if he was a contractor, yes it is simple but not as an employee - different rules/different contract.
  11. 14Wheeler

    14Wheeler New Recruit

    Hes an employee, I get that part. Employee with his own or company truck?
    Were talking Trip Leases not driver contracts.
    Trip leases are standardized forms and can be used by employees and contractors.
  12. BigDaddyD

    BigDaddyD New Recruit

    Yes, we are going to a contractor basis. I have worked this way in the past, but I have thrown the document away. I need a driver contract. Will be working on a % of gross, no out of pocket money for me . The document I signed before was a driver trip lease agreement, stating I was a driver only working on %.
  13. nightcreacher

    nightcreacher New Recruit

    There is a difference in doing a broker load and trip lease.For those that do trip leases,they are actually leasing their truck to that certain carrier for a one time load.Back in the day that was only permitted to get you back home.Not to often will you run into a trip lease these days.
    Broker loads are what you find now,and that company your doing business with is called a property broker.He has the freight,and needs trucks to haul it,so he posts these loads on a load board,of which then a company that has the authority,insurance and such,then bids on the loads.
    You can partner with many companies,and try to run their over flow freight,but don't expect to get the cream of their loads.They are usually posting the loads they feel their own trucks either won't or can't cover.The can't cover loads will be at a better rate,just their own trucks aren't in the right area for an on time pick up
  14. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Transit 350
    I agree and since deregulation I can't think of a reason for someone to trip lease.

    Prior to deregulation I drove for a small company that had limited authority, they could only haul paper products. If they couldn't find a backhaul that was paper related, I would trip lease to a 48 state general commodities carrier.

    Most large truck stops were infested with broker/agents who did nothing but trip leases. I would present my driver's license, truck registration, insurance certificate and sign a lease. They in turn gave me a couple of cheesy paper signs with the carrier's name and ICC number, necessary permits and bingo cards. Off to the shipper I would go as a leased truck to that particular carrier.

    After the load was delivered the lease was terminated, the signs, or what was left of them, and all paperwork and permits were mailed to the carrier's main office. Of course both the agent and the carrier got a chunk of the pie.

    With operating authority easily available to any goober with 600 or 700 dollars why would anybody trip lease?

    14wheeler why do you trip lease? Am I missing something here?
  15. 14Wheeler

    14Wheeler New Recruit

    Use to be a monthly thing 10 plus years ago. All that's changed.
    If time is more important than revenue & I gotta git. Then ill trip lease. Last year four or five times. Just did one last month from Dallas to Atlanta. This year keeps up like it is. Wont be doing many I hope. When I gotta move I gotta move.
  16. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Transit 350
    I'm still confused. Why do you trip lease?
  17. 14Wheeler

    14Wheeler New Recruit

    If my carrier cant get me home or to a place I need to be.Only then will I throw profits out the window for a reasonable load ina direction I need to be.
  18. Moot

    Moot Expert Expediter

    Transit 350
    Okay, I got that part. Are you actually signing a lease with another carrier and running under their authority for these loads?
  19. 14Wheeler

    14Wheeler New Recruit

    Yes im signing a tyipcal $1.99 trip lease form in which I provide filled out.

    pt. two of your Q. The load is run legally.
  20. nightcreacher

    nightcreacher New Recruit

    Moot,like i said before,most load board runs, are broker loads,and use the authority that your carrier has to haul their loads.In a trip lease,you are using the trip leasing companies authority to haul that load,which means your also to run their door signs,and permits.
    If the company your permanently leased to won't let you use their authority to back haul,then you would do an actual trip lease.This would also pay less than a broker load,as instead of getting 80 or 85% of the tariff,you'd be getting maybe 70 or 75%.also if your running your own authority,there would be no need to trip lease.

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