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Trees with Purple Buds

Discussion in 'Layover Lounge' started by are12, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. are12

    are12 New Recruit

    Hi everyone,

    I am sure someone on here can help me with this:

    We just came through TN yesterday. I just love the trees with the purple buds but have no clue on what they are called. They are all along the highway. If I am not mistaken, they even grow in the Carolina's. I think they are beautiful and would love to get a few for my yard.

    Can someone tell me what they are called?
  2. cheri1122

    cheri1122 Expert Expediter

    I just drove through Tennessee today, lol, and it is indeed, gorgeous! I think the prettiest trees are: flowering dogwood, redbud, crabapple, and ornamental cherry. Do a bit of research before choosing one, so you get the size and shape you want, as well as one that grows well in your climate & soil type.
    I love the advice: "Bloom where you're planted!", but the durn plants can't read, so they don't always behave like you expect...
  3. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    You should see the pear trees in bloom around Louisville right now. There's a Walmart/Kroger on 31W about 1/2 mile north of 841 with truck friendly parking out near the banks lining the road. Beautiful trees to look at and across the street is Mark's bbq. The 1/2 chicken dinner with the red sauce on it is delicious.

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  4. mrgoodtude

    mrgoodtude Expert Expediter

    I could be wrong but a form of Bradford Pear??
    At least the white ones are here is a few pics of the suspect tree.....
    Click upper right slideshow for best view some pics are over 6mb in jpeg format.
  5. lanier1

    lanier1 New Recruit

    Could be alot of different trees but my peach trees are blooming purple quite beautifully right now too.
  6. Jayman

    Jayman New Recruit

    When I was growing up, my family had a Red Bud tree. In the spring, they have small purple/violet buds. Not sure why they dont call it a Purple Bud tree. :D
  7. jaminjim

    jaminjim Active Expediter

    I think he is correct they are Red Bud trees. We had some in the yard when I was a kid. Problem is they don't last very long as a tree.
  8. mrgoodtude

    mrgoodtude Expert Expediter

    Cynthias sez I'm an idiot....Go figure
    She said the purple are dogwoodsx(
  9. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    That's funny! I'm driving thru TN today and it smelled like air freshener! Nice to know it's natural :)

    A lot better than Atlanta!!! 15 miles from that hole and all I smell is sewage! x(

    -Vampire Super Slooth Trucker!!!
  10. are12

    are12 New Recruit

    Thanks for your help!!

    After going on the internet and checking out the RedBud tree, I think that is the one I am talking about. So when I go to the Nursery to get my Lilac bush, I will have to see if they carry the RedBud too. If not, I will have to get it off the internet.

    I have Dogwood trees on the upper part of my property and a Walnut tree in my front yard but I need more color!! I like color.:) :)
  11. bryan

    bryan New Recruit


    Sounds like red bud.If it is you can't transplant them in the spring.You'll have to wait till late summer or early fall.
  12. Bob and Hooligan

    Bob and Hooligan New Recruit

    Those are Red Buds. The white ones are Dogwoods. Knoxville is going to have it's Dogwood festible next week.

    Those trees are what made my wife and I move down here.

    Road Hooligan
  13. are12

    are12 New Recruit

    Thanks Bryan for the info on the transplanting. I guess I will have to wait until Labor Day.

    Our Dogwood festival isn't until the 1st week of May - which I am usually not home for. :-(
  14. Broompilot

    Broompilot New Recruit

    My first house in North Carolina had one of those in the front yard I promised myself I would and have not it was even pretty all thru the fall and very HARDY.

    But my favoite in the SPRING IS A DOG WOOD.

    In North Carolina, we have suffered a HEART BREAKING SET BACK.....

    Easter Morning, 20F at 8 AM everything not super strong lost.... As for the damage in California, they got off lucky compared to North and South Carolina.

    If you like Peaches, your gona pay for FORIEGN ONES... THERE WILL BE NO PEACH CROP OUT OF NORTH OR SOUTH CAROLINA, NOR WILL THERE BE ANY WALNUTS THIS YEAR. WE LOST IT ALL last week. ALL IS LOST, if it grows on a Tree in either of these states there will BE NONE.
  15. Fr8 Shaker

    Fr8 Shaker Rookie Expediter

    Could also be Lilac, We have a couple of Lilac bushes in our yard, look great when they bloom but only last a couple of weeks. smell great too. But in michigan they haven't started blooming yet.
  16. grog111

    grog111 New Recruit

    When i was a kid ,we had several lilac bushes around the yard. Some were purple, and others were white,(are the white one's lillac's?), but man, they smelled so good!!!
  17. Jayman

    Jayman New Recruit

    Wont be long Fr8 Shaker. I have a couple of big lilac bushes (violet/purple) in my back yard. They bloomed a few days ago, here in Indiana. :)
  18. are12

    are12 New Recruit

    It's not the Lilac bush, my Mom has one in her yard.

    You are right, the smell of a lilac is great. When they are in bloom, I love to get a bunch and it makes my whole house smell like lilac. It's too bad they did not stay in bloom longer!

    I am not sure if the white ones are considered lilacs or not. We need to hear from Cheri on this one! lol
  19. BigBuzd1

    BigBuzd1 New Recruit

    I do believe the purple bud in the south are either Wisteria or Crepe Myrtles...but the Myrtles are a smaller variety of tree.

    heres a branch from the Wisteria, notice it hangs...the Lilac grows up
  20. cheri1122

    cheri1122 Expert Expediter

    They are lilacs, no matter what color the blossoms. Several years ago, I mail ordered a new variety of lilac, called "Sensation". Every tiny floret was deep purple, edged in crisp white - beautiful, and it smelled lovely, too! Plant breeders keep coming up with cool new stuff like that, so gardeners are never 'done' with the gardens. I was not one to rearrange the furniture in the house, but I sure liked to rearrange the gardens, lol. ;)

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