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The most reliable non CDL box truck.

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by henboy1, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. henboy1

    henboy1 New Recruit

    I have $10k cash to spend on a box truck that is a day cab.I am trying to secure a local contract and they need these straight trucks.I know all about tractors since I own 3 of them but not much when it comes to box trucks.I have a CDL but I want this to be non cdl.
    I know I will be limited on the weight, but this shipper hauls light and so weight is not much of an issue.
    I am looking for at least a 24ft box truck.Too bad detroit doesn't make engines for this application.The only cummins I see are either in the Van trucks(ice cream truck) or the GMCs etc...I am looking for either a freightliner or international without the CAT in it.

    Short stroy here:
    My brother went out and bought a box truck with a one of those DT466 engines, from a dealer a year ago.That truck has been problematic electronically.The first mistake was buying the truck from a dealer when he had cash because there was no history on the truck.
    The problem with that truck is that it shuts off at times with the "oil/water" light on.They cleaned/replaced the crank sensor and the fuel filter.They did many things and finally got it going.I just do not want to go this route with a problem like that.They actually got stuck on the road after leaving the dealership.
    Even if I have to get a GMC/Ford with a cummins engine, I will go that route.This will be for a local/300 mile radius application.It also needs to be at least a 24ft box truck under 26kibs .
    Please advice.Thank you!
  2. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Hey Henboy, haven't heard from you in a long time.

    How's it been?

    I would look for an FL60 or something along that lines. A lot of them around cheap. If you get an older one, before I think 98, it will be a mechanical injection system. M2s are good and plentiful too.

    I just had my FL70 in the shop for brakes and alignment, about 600 out the door (both axles). I know someone who has a GMC topkick and his cost was 800 for the same work.
  3. henboy1

    henboy1 New Recruit

    Good to hear from you Greg.Are you still with LS?
    Will you say that the FL trucks are more reliable and cheaper to maintain than the GMC?What is an M2s?Most classifieds on here are usually the expeditor trucks.Pretty much looking for a day cab.What have you been up to Greg?What I hate about these trucks is that CAT seem to own most of those engines.With a cat, one needs a heavy belt buckle to maintain them.
  4. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Yep still am, having fun ... finally.

    Been just working and working - nothing more. Just wish I could find a real job one day.

    Seriously ...

    The M2 is the replacement for the FL50/60/70/80/110. It is a different truck but still medium duty. A lot of them are around.

    I would check out, they have a good deal of trucks for sale. ALSO just to mention eBay (I don't like to mention it but ... ) they seem to have a number of day cabs there too at times.

    I would go with the Freightliner for a few reasons, one is GMC has been purging older parts out of their inventory and a number of dealers have moved away from servicing them because GM dropped their top end medium duty trucks. They handle Izuzu branded trucks now.

    Also there are a lot of FL dealers around. Which I like the idea I can go to one and find parts at 11PM at night because I'm board.

    For me, Cummins is the only way to go but a lot of people swear by cat (except Leo ;)). I have a good luck with most of the Cummins dealers I have dealt with, one even went so far as to save me $600 on parts by hunting for the old part numbers that have been superseded.

    Well good luck with your hunt, don't be such a stranger.
  5. henboy1

    henboy1 New Recruit

    I bought all my tractors on ebay,craigslists and truckpaper.Truckpaper is now catered towards dealers who have inflated prices and no history on their equipment.I used to think truckpaper(the newspaper) was more for dealers but even the online publication is now saturated with them.If one has cash, the way to go is the private party.

    My brother just called me today and said after all that they had done on the straight truck they bought, the problem is still coming up with the oil/water light on.He has a fl60 with that dt466 engine.This is another example of buying from a dealer who had no history.

    I have also started looking at ebay and craigslist but you don't find too many cummins engines in an internation or FL truck.Am I right?
  6. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    If you want a 24' box it will be a CDL truck. I don't think you can go that size and not be. You may be under 26k and not have air brakes but you will still need a CDL B or C license.
    Detroit does make engine for that category but I'm not sure the series number.
    Good luck.
  7. sewmun

    sewmun Rookie Expediter

    I was looking for one a yr ago & went to quite a few dealers & it seems like the trucks weren't as described over the phone.So I found Ryders site & searched & found a 2001 FL70- in Springfield,Ma.
    It had a Cummins which I wanted along w/air ride,brakes,liftgate,alluminum rims new caps on the back & real good tires on the front too& just 191K mi.
    The best part is it was a lease truck & they do all the main. & had all the records since day one.It costs $12,500.
    I couldn't be happier with it(knock on wood)all I've done is reg main.
  8. sewmun

    sewmun Rookie Expediter

    I forgot to mention in our state(Ohio) since it's under 26 K all I need is a logbook,DOT# & a med card to drive it.
    I wopuld need a CDL with the airbrakes if it was a passenger vehicle or hauling haxmat,I have been told I needed one by an ex trucker but proved him wrong in the rules.
  9. mss1963

    mss1963 Rookie Expediter

    I live In Va and we are running 26ft box truck's with airBrakes running 3 states every day,Rated at 25,999 and we do not need CDL to run this type of truck.I have class A with every endorsement.Been thru 3 level 1 insp. never a problem.the truck's are 2004 IH 4300 with the DT466 we have had alot of electrical problems with them. I prefer a cummins. Cat you better have deep pockets.
  10. Deville

    Deville Rookie Expediter

    That's a nice setup. The cummins motors are bullet proof.
  11. sewmun

    sewmun Rookie Expediter

    Look @ there's alot of thrucks on there,not many dealers like some of the truck sites.
  12. henboy1

    henboy1 New Recruit

    I was just about to respond to the post.My brother said air brakes does not determine if a truck is CDL or not, since he has seen some trucks with air brakes that was non cdl.I will check out that site.from this thread, I think I will lean towrads a truck with a Cummins motor.I am yet to drive a tractor with a N14 cummins which seem to do better in the hills than the detroits.The trucks with detroit engines seeem to do much better in fuel mileage.I now need to find a 24ft box with a cummins.
  13. guido4475

    guido4475 Active Expediter

    I am surprised no one has mentioned a KW or Pete s/t.I had a 2000 T-300 KW and loved it.It was the best s/t I ever had, ultra-dependable.8.3 cummins, 6 sp direct, 3.90 rears, 28 ft box. did real well in both city and highway.If I had to go local again, that is what I'd go with.Actually, if I had to go back nto a s/t, that's what I'd go with.Local or OTR.A real quality built truck, that is for sure.
  14. mss1963

    mss1963 Rookie Expediter

    I was running a 2003 kw t300 with the cummins 8.3 315 hp with a 26ft box,6sp allison and 3:90 rears great set up,plenty of H.P. when in the hills up and down with no problems at all.would not think twice If I had my choice between this and the international I will take the K.W. or a pete 330.

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