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Sprinter Size.....

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by piper1, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. piper1

    piper1 Active Expediter

    How often do you Sprinter owners use that extra space for a 3rd skid?

    I'm in the process of buying one and I'm trying to decide between the extra long unit (3 skid and a reasonable bunk space) or the long wheelbase only (3 skids very small bunk or 2 skids and a reasonable bunk.

    I'm thinking the super long unit might be a bit of a pain because if you only have 1 skid, you have to slide it forward to get it over the axle, plus it might be a bit big in the city?

  2. Tom911

    Tom911 New Recruit

    I own a 2007 Sprinter with the 170" wheelbase and it is the hight top, extended van version. I do not have a bunk in mine so I have access to the whole back end with approximatelt 15' 6" of floor space. I don't have any problems getting getting around urban areas with it and the van handles like a full size van or pick-up truck. As far as hauling 1 skid ahead of the rear axle, I carry a tow strap so the forklift operator can pull it back to unload.
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  3. Jeff35

    Jeff35 New Recruit

    i have same set up as tom but 12.4 of cargo space with a small sleeper behind seats. for city driving no prob.
    i would say 2 or 3 times a month i get ill 2 loads in 1 trip which is nice
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  4. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    I'm mentally building one now on the extra long extra tall 3500. It would have a false floor to be full width above the wheel wells and should have around the same cargo height as the older model tall roof. The 3500 chassis will allow a nice sleeper and still do the 2500 pounds required. In mine I'd have the large bed Midway sleeper version and however much cargo space that left. I believe it's about 9.1 feet. I know it goes against what a lot of the veterans think but I'd forego a load a month for the difference between comfortably living and uncomfortably cramped existing while out for weeks at a time.
  5. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    While I don't own one now, I wouldn't have anything but the 170" wheelbase and the highest top. No permenant bulkhean but a good seperation from the cargo to keep heat up front in a minimum of 56" of sleeping area that can quickly be folded for full floor use when needed.

    I will be buying one of these or a aircell unit of some type, but it will be the longest highest available that can be used without logging. Ive got a 47 in wide bed now in a cargo van so a sprinter would let me have a double bed if i wanted it.
  6. RLENT

    RLENT Seasoned Expediter

    I don't ever use the extra space for a third skid ..... well, at least not like you mean it - I have a permanent bunk installed (36" width), along with a refrigerator, and microwave ... and that only leaves 9' of length for cargo.

    However, I did install E-Track on the sidewalls and I carry two aluminum load bars for the E-Track. I actually have four of them, cut down to fit the Sprinter - just need to build a couple of mounts to hold the other two on the back of the bunk.

    The load bars are used primarily for securing pallets (fore and aft) - but I have, on occasion, used the load bars to carry a third pallet, over the two on the floor, using the extra height.

    This can only be done with light weight skids, as the the E-Track is secured into the sidewall body framing - but I have had some loads where I needed to do this. One was three skids of recently painted or coated custom metal control boxes for equipment that could not be stacked.
  7. dhalltoyo

    dhalltoyo New Recruit

    We live out here.

    Expediting is "hurry up" and "wait". And the wait can be quite long at times. :(

    Having a nice sleeper with some personal space makes the wait time less stressful. :)

    Looking at the load boards over a 30 day period, maybe 1 in 100 loads called for 3 skids.

    What I am seeing are loads with stackable bins. Last week I took 4 plastic bins 48 x 48 x 36. The 72" box height seems to be more profitable than 12' of length.

    I'd say get the longest and tallest you can, but use the space to build some comfortable living quarters.
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  8. FIS53

    FIS53 New Recruit

    Well what do you feel comfortable with in size of sleeping arrangement??? Work that out and then get the length that fits best.

    I've hauled a lot of 3 skid loads but quite often one or two skids are shorter or narrower so turned sideways etc I make them fit. Or do the stacking thing as I had to do when I went to SKF and had to pickup all the skids the route driver for a customer refused to grab (6 skids no wonder).

    Personally the more length the better with smallest sleeping arrangement possible for comfort, utilizing the height of the van for storage etc., makes the most sense to me so if the third skid comes up then you can cover the load easily. What about skids with over hang?? I get a few of those a month. So be creative in how the bed and partition and maybe movable to accomodate the third possible skid etc. Think outside the box!! mine was collapsable and lifted to the roof area so low skid under if needed.
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  9. piper1

    piper1 Active Expediter

    Will be taking delivery of a 170"WB Xtra long with a 6 foot roof this week.

    After doing this with a short bed pickup, its going to feel like an aircraft carrier!

    Thanks all for your advice!!!
  10. geo

    geo Active Expediter

    i have the long sprinter set up for city del to hampton road's area
    and i leave out every day with 4 pallets in and stack as high as i can

    this is my second sprinter the first one was 03 and this one is 07

    different is 12" longer and taller and 3" wider
    i have mind set up with roller in floor and i makes its so much easier to move freight in out
    if you look back in sept 03/04 and see the set up
    works great
  11. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    I have the 170" extended, the long and tall one, and I don't have any trouble with city driving. It really handles like a smaller vehicle. That whole third skid thing is debatable. I have mine set up with 12' for cargo, but since I'm independent I get a lot of unconventional loads that use the space, like carpet rolls and what not. For the average leased on operator, there aren't too many times you would get that third skid. It might make for an extra couple loads a month. I'd say just weigh your options and what is more important to you and go with that. If you think a little more comfort is worth those extra couple loads a month, then go with the comfort.
  12. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

    I have 9 feet for cargo, mainly 8 for cargo and the extra foot to secure it or get in front of it when necessary. I looked into it pretty thoroughly, and like Charles said, for the average leased operator it's not that much of an issue. Those with the space keep pointing out all the 3-skid loads they get and go, "See, see?" But mainly they get 3-skid loads cause they can take them, and the two-skid loads are given to someone else, not so much because it's a 3-skid load or no load at all.

    For the most part, I may miss out on a 3-skid load only to get the other available load, a 2-skid load, instead. It may be 4-6 times a year that I'll get no load at all because I can't carry that 3-skid load. Not enough to give up my permanent bunk for, that's for sure.

    Now, if Panther paid $.77 for two skids and $.87 for three, things might be different. :) But they don't.
  13. piper1

    piper1 Active Expediter

    Amen to that. Likely you'll just see carriers quit hiring vans that aren't Sprinter sized. Hope that day is a long way off but I can see it going that way.
  14. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    In my experience the advantage of the Sprinter is the height. I haul a lot of tall stuff that can't go in a smaller van, a lot of good paying c unit stuff.
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  15. Maverick

    Maverick Rookie Expediter

    Been reading in the Sprinter threads do to potential running for an O/O. Never seen inside a Sprinter, so I'm trying to get a visual. Let me get this straight? O/O states there is no partition and front seat is a hassle to remove. Now.....have little doubt the O/O is being rightfully cautious in allowing a brand NEW driver to make modifications early in the game. One needs to run for a bit to learn what he needs anyway?

    Is it possible to create a movable partition in the event one would get a 3rd pallet?
    How about building a framework station around the passenger seat? Small fridge, laptop surface?
    What is the recommended inverter size? I'm looking at 750-1000?

    Realize this an older thread but it's short and may as well bring it back from the dead....rather than start a new one. Any answers? Thanks in advance.
  16. xiggi

    xiggi Expert Expediter

    The best.thing to do is drive it first and then decide what you want or need. I have gone from a permanent bulk head to a movable one on rollers to now none at all. Personally none works best for me Im to tall to stretch.out on a sideways bunk.

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  17. Monty

    Monty New Recruit

    You don't need the floor to be raised above the wheelwells, I suggest talking with Dever Truck, in Trotwood, Ohio about the modification they did to mine.

    Truck Equipment Trotwood OH - J.W. Devers and Son Truck Equipment

    They used only 3" of the height, put in aluminum "I-beams", and modified the wheelwells.

    The value there was I was still able to do high loads, (66"), and haul 1400 pounds more freight, legally and safely.

    That additional weight was more valuable than the height or length.

    Also I saw a Sprinter at the Expo that Knoxville Freightliner had, with a "slideable" bulkhead that allwowed 3 pallets when you needed them, and a much larger sleeper when you were empty. I thought it was a great modification. I think thay called it the "InSlider" ... worked like an rv slide out room.

    Additional: Here is the link to that Knoxville Sprinter I mentioned. The folks at the Expo said they can have it built as needed. I suggested a fold up bed, instead of the "couch", there by giving even more cargo room. They said that is an easy fix.

    I just spoke with them down there ... they have the price reduced, I didnt ask what it was. But that midification in a 3500 would give extra weight, and length.
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  18. xiggi

    xiggi Expert Expediter

    On my movable my bed folded in half and the entire wall and bed could be rolled forward giving room for a third skid. I built the bed higher so i had storage under it. When folded i still had an 18 inch wide shelf i could catch a nap on.

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  19. butterfly610

    butterfly610 Rookie Expediter

    I love that Sprinter sleeper at Knoxville. That is really nice. Would really feel like camping then, lol.
  20. Maverick

    Maverick Rookie Expediter

    That's pretty trick and I've seen some pics of the customized Sprinters. Very nice.

    My dilemma will be this....if (or until) a unit becomes mine, through whatever process, it must be a temporary and easily broke down affair. I'll have to run a nice balance between setting something decent up, while understanding this is not my van. Will be calling the O/O today for more particulars. I believe it is a 08 0r 09 Dodge and I'll need this much to get started?:

    Some kind of mattress or cot.
    Cooler-prior to fridge set up

    I hate starting another thread but don't wish to hijack this one either. I'll take the chance no one cares and ask if there's any "must haves" for starting out? Thanks a bunch.

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