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Roll up to Swing doors

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Weave, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. Weave

    Weave New Recruit

    My "new" truck is the first one I have had with a box that has a roll up door. I hate the thing. It has to be lubed once a week to roll up easily, and I noticed the bottom panel is already falling apart. The box is a Morgan, and with this door many forklifts barely clear the upper frame to get into it. I have been loading/unloading with my pallet jack lately to be safe.
    I was wondering if anyone who has done a roll up to swing door conversion could tell me about what it costs? I would like to have the upper frame member cut up a little for more clearance too.
    Also, does anyone else with a 24' Morgan notice how much is sways up top, or is it just me? I never noticed that with my old truck that had a 22' Babb box. So far I'm not too pleased with this Morgan box.
    Maybe I should just trade it for a Supreme?
  2. truckercop

    truckercop New Recruit

    I had a roll up door on my last truck. The only benefit that I ever liked was that I could back up to a dock without having to get out of the truck and open the doors. One small benefit when it's pouring rain.

    A forklift did hit the top of mine and dented it pretty good. From then on the paint kept pealing on it after repainting. The load guys would sometimes get frustrated too because they had to slow way down when entering, as oppossed to their normal flying in and out of the truck.

    I did'nt paticularly like having to scale the back of the truck to grab the road dirt covered strap to drag the door down either...

    Next truck will have barn doors...
  3. jwmeyer

    jwmeyer New Recruit

    You're right, the dock guys DO have to slow's great for the body mounts. As for lube, a good coat of a spray lithium works well, and should last 3 months or more (I open and close mine 12 to 14 times a day). As for the grungy strap, tuck it inside when you close the door. I've noticed that if the doors are out of adjustment (and they usually are from the body company), the door won't roll up 100%, but will hang down just enough to get hit. Hope it helps.
  4. Marty

    Marty Rookie Expediter

    I think that a conversion would be very expensive. I think you should try everything you can to make the roll-up door work for you first before changing it.
    What kind of truck did you buy? I hope it will be a really good truck for you.
    I bought a new Sprinter 6 weeks ago and tried to get leased on to the same company that you are with but they aren't putting on vans. That is unfortunate.
    Good luck with your new truck!
  5. truckercop

    truckercop New Recruit

    Well, after expressing my opinion on the down falls of a roll-up door, I ended up buying another one????

    Oh, Thanks for the new perspective jwmeyer...
  6. david11

    david11 New Recruit

    Roll up doors are a maintainence nightmare. And the worst
    part is that when a roll up rear door is messed up then you
    are "out of service" till repairs can be made. I would advise
    all expeditors to stay away from roll up rear doors.

    It costs $1200 to $1500 to replace a roll up rear door
    with a swing open door.
  7. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    I have had 3 trucks with roll up doors and have no complaints. I spray some WD 40 or similar stuff on the rollers every 2-3 weeks,clean out the tracks once a month and have no problems. I like the fact that I can keep the door locked until I get on the dock so that Mr Indy Forklift Driver must stop before he can get in,also this way you can get your rear support legs down before that 11,000 pound battery goes on.Downside is I have also had guys slam into the top header.I just make sure they can fit before I let them in.

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