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Problems contacting FedEx Recruiting

Discussion in 'Ask The Recruiter' started by jimby82, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. jimby82

    jimby82 Rookie Expediter

    I have been trying to contact FedEx recruiting for the last day or two with no success. I keep getting disconnected when trying to call their recruiting number (1-866-711-3599). I make it through the menus, then "You will now be connected" then a busy signal. Is anyone else having this issue? (maybe too many people calling.:D)

    I also cannot submit my information through the web page either. When I fill out the forms (Driver) and go to submit my information, I get a message that I have not chosen what type of vehicle I wish to drive. (I did, several time in fact!)

    I was wanting to get some additional information, but as of right now that just looks to me impossible. Maybe it is just me.:(

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know or contact me.

  2. TeamCaffee

    TeamCaffee Administrator Staff Member

    This is our guy and we think the world of him! Give him a try and see what is going on.

    Marc Hodge
    FedEx Custom Critical
    800-848-2613 phone
    877-839-0565 fax
  3. paul49777

    paul49777 New Recruit

    Call Eric Ambrus 888-294-1600 and email

    I haven't had any problem talking to him the past two days

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