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On-dekk trans, llc

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by dad4evr1, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. dad4evr1

    dad4evr1 New Member

    Formerly known as JD Clark Logistics...I work for them and wasn't informed the change was eminent, not cool! Was anyone else aware beforehand?

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  2. jelliott

    jelliott Active Member

    I think John Clark and his partner Rob Bonello split the companies up. Rob is taking the expredite vehicles and starting On-Dekk and John is going back to focus on tractors with JD Clark.
  3. LisaLouHoo

    LisaLouHoo New Member

    John is still working with a handful of expediters. Disaster cleanup, if you will. To answer the original post, no one we know knew for certain - it was rumored - until it was spoken directly by John himself to each individual that was caught up in the poorly handled fray.

    I take from the original post that if a driver didn't get "the call" that was questionable in its reasoning OR they did and in turn didn't follow through, they may have not known beforehand.

    "Bruises fade and bones will mend-but a psyche can be ruined FOREVER" : LisaLouHoo, c. 2008
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  4. dad4evr1

    dad4evr1 New Member

    In their defense, I did take 2 weeks off during the whole process...not saying anything improper was done, just surprised when I called in this morning to go back on duty. I had an exhausting 6 weeks out that included 2 west coast stints and I live in VA so I wanted some downtime with the g-babies. :^) Thanks for the replies.

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    JOHNCLARK New Member

    This is true, Rob will be taking the vans and sprinters and we both will be involved in OnDekk. Although nothing new, it's not official just yet.

    We are working to set up and get prepared, some owners have been notified and some have not. Only certain circumstances warrant any notice right now.

    It would be the same as if I told my owners before we where prepared I would catch heat.

    In reality, Rob and his staff are still in place, the office is still there and the phones are ringing. Only the companyname will change.

    I will be going back to concentrate on straight truck and tractors and my Canadian freight. I can only do so much without getting spread too thin.

    Any questions can be directed to Rob at their office during normal business hours.

    This should come as no surprise, but I wish Rob, his staff and all the owners the best and will still be around to support the new venture. And he will be in touch with all affected by the change as needed.

    Thanks again to everyone for your support!!
  6. idtrans

    idtrans New Member

    Congratulations on the growth of your company. Best of luck I am sure your will prosper.
  7. LisaLouHoo

    LisaLouHoo New Member

    I am happy and yet befuddled that you didn't get your behind jumped on by that certain group of posters: the accusatory, confused, bored, partially illiterate, and just plain more than one of us has when we try to share an experience with any carriers. Good for you...

    "Bruises fade and bones will mend-but a psyche can be ruined FOREVER" : LisaLouHoo, c. 2008
  8. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Member

    Good luck to you, John. Give me a call when you have a chance.
  9. paullud

    paullud Active Member

    He just asked a question about a concern he had experienced with his company? Why would anyone jump on him?

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  10. LisaLouHoo

    LisaLouHoo New Member

    No one should...indeed. PM coming.

    "Bruises fade and bones will mend-but a psyche can be ruined FOREVER" : LisaLouHoo, c. 2008
  11. BeecherKen

    BeecherKen New Member

    That's because YOU didn't start this thread....and you know that is true. Ya flippin' whiner, LOL! ( Ow ow ow...Don't hurt me!!!!)
  12. Ragman

    Ragman Active Member

    They just get grumpy because of Halo Burger withdrawls. :p
  13. xmudman

    xmudman Active Member

    What is this "Halo Burger" of which you speak? I am but a lowly East Coaster; please be gentle :D
  14. Ragman

    Ragman Active Member

    It's a local burger joint around the Flint, Mi area. :p
  15. xmudman

    xmudman Active Member

    OK, but how's the food?
  16. Ragman

    Ragman Active Member

    Best burger i've ever had. :D :p
  17. moose

    moose New Member

    Yah, & there are still a few Buffalo in Brazil .
  18. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    How many have you had?:D
  19. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    Stop causing trouble Ragman:p:D
  20. Ragman

    Ragman Active Member

    What did I do?

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