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NuWave Infrared Tabletop Oven

Discussion in 'Women's View' started by TeamCaffee, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. TeamCaffee

    TeamCaffee Administrator Staff Member

    Straight Truck
  2. chetjester

    chetjester Rookie Expediter

    My bad. I misread your post. I thought you were talking about the induction cooktop, not the oven.
  3. letzrockexpress

    letzrockexpress New Recruit

    I have the Sharper Image infrared oven, very similar to the Nu Wave. In my opinion it is the awesomist cooking tool ever invented. I can cook two large frozen boneless chicken breasts in 18 minutes, or thawed in 12 minutes. They are quite juicy and perfectly cooked. Steaks and Pork Chops come out great also. Baked potatos come out perfectly as well. I highly recommend this technology.

    It is available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $129.95 but I think I got mine at Sams Club for around $89.00

    The Sharper ImageĀ® Digital Super Wave Oven -
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  4. Dynamite 1

    Dynamite 1 Moderator Staff Member

    We have the unwavering cooktop and it great.
  5. Missie600

    Missie600 New Recruit

    I have the nuwave cooktop and love it! We also have the convection oven/microwave, small crockpot, and an electric skillet. Since we got the new truck I have been cooking most of our food. I usually cook a lot when we have a day off and put it in fridge for the week. I have seen the oven but it seems like it would be hard to store, but it sounds fast!
  6. skyraider

    skyraider Seasoned Expediter

    Don't tell these guys you cook and such. They will track you down and 200 van drivers will be outside your truck for
  7. butterfly610

    butterfly610 Rookie Expediter

    Have you ever looked at the ninja 3-in-1 cooking system? It steams vegetables, sears and cooks meats, even muffins or cakes. Very quick to cook things and easy to clean. I love it.
  8. piattteam

    piattteam New Recruit

    And I help, eat it!!!!!!
  9. Yesteryear

    Yesteryear Rookie Expediter

    Have the Nuwave cook top and the Nuwave oven. Both are easy to store in truck. I love them and couldn't imagine being without them now. Well worth the money spent.

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  10. gotto_03801

    gotto_03801 Rookie Expediter

    I have a nuwave cooktop and there oven I love them. I just bought a tristar power pressure cooker can't wait to get that. since it looks like an interesting gadget for the kitchen and it don't take up a lot of space!!
  11. xiggi

    xiggi Expert Expediter

    I know the cook tops have special pans you can buy, do they function the same with normal pots and pans?
  12. gotto_03801

    gotto_03801 Rookie Expediter

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