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New Looking to drive a cargo van

Discussion in 'Ask The Recruiter' started by DiscGolfDave, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. DiscGolfDave

    DiscGolfDave New Recruit

    I've been a stay at home dad for the past 3 years and have a friend that drives a straight truck that told me to look into cargo van driving. My questions would be, Are there any companies that take vans older than 05? And would i be better off buying an older van and getting loads off something like UShip?
  2. xiggi

    xiggi Expert Expediter

    You really need to call the companies you are interested in running for. Requirements can change on a weekly basis. Many are not putting on cargo vans at all right now. I think you would find it very hard to make a living of of Uship.

    The best thing to do almost 100% of the time is to drive for an owner and see if it is something you really want to do and fits your family needs. Then after at least 6 months if it fits you buy that van. Use the free classifieds here to find owners looking for van drivers and you can also call recruiters at the companies to be qaulified and put on a list of available drivers.
  3. DiscGolfDave

    DiscGolfDave New Recruit

    I have contacted multiple companies and the ones that i have spoke with all say 05 or newer. I already know that this is what i want to do( as there is no other option living in michigan). Will i be able to make money having a payment of about $150 on a van? One comany said they will hire me and that my gross income would be $4,000/m. Is this accurate? If so i can justify making payments on a van.
  4. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    Notice the KEY word being GROSS start doing the math...fuel, ins, QC costs if any, Maintenance, costs of being on the road..maps and so on...the little things are budget whats left? Can you live with that? If its good for you..then go for it...:)
  5. DiscGolfDave

    DiscGolfDave New Recruit

    I understand the cost that goes into it and have done the math i will still make more doing this over any job Michigan has to offer. After my last post i found a company on here that will work with older vans as long as its clean and well maintained. So now i wont need to make payments and can by my van outright and looks like i will be driving right after i get one(2 weeks or so).
  6. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    Well Congrats and Good Luck...:)
  7. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    I think a few missed something - stay at home dad?

    I don't know what you are looking for but most of the mainstream companies don't bring you home at the end of the day. And if you are going into this as someone with barely enough money to survive on the road for a few days without work or being able to have gas money to move, don't bother with this.

    We have a lot of people who are already struggling and many of the companies don't tell you the truth, sure you can make $4000 a month but when you come down to it, how much do you end up with after gas, food, and more importantly taxes?
  8. DiscGolfDave

    DiscGolfDave New Recruit

    Let me say for one i have not been a stay at home dad by choice i love my kids and cherrish the time i've got to spend with them. I got laid off so to speak the day after i signed my papers on my house 3 1/2 years ago. And the area i live in 99% of employers only hire through temp agencies and those agencies want to send you a hour or more away four $7.50hr. Ihave thought this threw for almost a year. and have the money now to do it( i think 5k is enough to get started) and as long as i pay my taxes quarterly i should do just fine.

    "Freedom in the States is not freedom anymore just look around everyones a slave now"
  9. blizzard

    blizzard Active Expediter

    There are no taxes to pay in a cargo van Greg. After I write off my mileage and per diem, I end up with a negative income. As far as running an older van is concerned, it is the only way to go. I just bought a 2004 cargo van with little over 100k miles on it, there are no oil leaks, no mechanical problems, and it just passed smog test in California with flying colors. The best way to operate as a cargo van deiver is to have no payment. It makes the slower periods easier to weather.

    So lets say you make 4k a month and you are driving 5k paid miles at an average of 80 cents per mile and another 1k of deadhead. You get 15 miles to the gallon on average, which is 450 miles on a 30 gallon tank, considering you are driving a gasser. So it takes 5 tanks of gas to go 2200 miles and you will be driving 6k miles a month. So we will round it to 15 fill ups at 2.50 a gallon average which is 75 times 15, wich is 1125 dollars for fuel every month. Bobtail insurance will run you around 60 a month, 100 a month for unlimited nationwide cell service, another 35 plus 25 a week for qualcomm and personal injury insurance which will be another 240 a month. That is 1,465 dollars a month, plus 100 bucks a week for food on the road, 300 a month for oil changes and basic maintenance, and lets say another 200 a month for deadheading home or idling the van to stay warm or cool. That makes your total monthly expenses 2,365 dollars minus 4k, which leaves you with a net profit of 1,635 dollars.

    Those are conservative numbers, and they are completely attainable. You might only make 2k one month and 6k another month, so you gotta average your numbers out over a years time. You will also have to deduct your fixed operating expenses when you take time off. Lets say you decide to take January off, you still have to pay 240 a month for QC and personal injury insurance, 100 for cell, and 60 for bobtail insurance. So at any given time, whether you are working or taking time off, your fixed operating expenses will be around 400 a month. Now if you were to add a 350 dollar van payment on top of these fixed expenses, your monthly average net income would be 1,285 bucks. You can still do better than this, but this is the reality you're looking at here.

    I did a lot of one way trips last year; leave home in Los Angeles, Deliver in San Frincisco, turn right back around and drive home empty. But I was making over a dollar a mile. I also spent 6 weeks on the road and ended up piecing together 10k in savings after expenses. That was with putting all new brakes, rotors, tune up, all new tires, and other maintenance to the van. You can make more than a minimum wage schmuck in a cargo van, but you will work longer hours to get it. It all depends on what you need to earn. I can do well on 1600- 1700 a month after expenses. I just save it all in the bank and it is there when I need it.

    Any how, I hope this helps you out. Also, your rate per mile may be more around 85-90 cents per mile depending on who you lease on with. If you want some real info about different companies and other ways to operate outside the box, just semd me a pm and I will give you my number. Good luck man.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
  10. guido4475

    guido4475 Active Expediter

    You live in Michigan, right? Did you call smaller local companies like Rodriquez out of Taylor, Mi? Most of their out of state loads will bring you back to Mi 85% of the time.I was leased to them, and that is how it was back then.A real cheap company to work for, as far as expenses are concerned.I am leased to All-State out of Kernersville, NC with a 2003 Ford van that is paid for,age was not an issue for them at the time of signing on.

    Try looking on Ryder's website for a good used van.Call Nancy in Oak Creek, Wi Ryder office and she will help you get into a van.They offer a 30 day nationwide warranty on the van, along with detailed maintenance records since day one.Nobody will offer that in a used commercial van.I love my van I bought from them, real dependable and no breakdowns yet, with 237,000 on it so far. I bought it at 180,000 last summer.

    After being in a s/t, I would not go to anything but a cargo van, and wish I would of done it earlier.So much less hassle,freedom,enjoyment,and as far as I'm concerned, money in the long run.Look at the cost of maintenance for parts, labor, etc alone will kill a person if they have a lemmon of a truck.And with the way pay per mile is right now,A van can make just as much if not more in some cases as a s/t.I ran the hard numbers before going into a van from a s/t and that did it for me.Plus, it can make an awesome personal vehicle.
  11. TDC

    TDC New Recruit

    how about self employment (soc security) taxes in a van? just wondering. thx.
  12. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    Those taxes would be the same regardless of vehicle size, if you are self employed you pay those.
  13. mbc383

    mbc383 New Recruit

    Hello: I have been reading about the downs and outs with no ups.If what you are saying is so bad I don't know why cargo vans and straight trucks are on the road. I am not in a true highway area I still see expedite vans and straight trucks. I did not see them that much from 2008 to 2011. This year I have seen at least ten in one month. I have been out of work for four years, I knew driving a cargo van was never in the picture for me. I wanted to drive a straight truck I been an 18 wheel driver for ten years. I think right now I just need to get started with something because I am in my late 50's and that window is closing on me fast at a point I will be just too old. I am thinking just looking at doing it for at least 10 to 13 years. I do know some driver who drive in their 80's to me driving should be like chasing very hot woman at the pool. To me being in my 80's will be like being chase by my nurse and me in a dirty diaper. I have loved driving from first time I drove a cab. I drove Greyhound bus to big trucks it is hell but I love it. I think this time will be better I will not be alone. My lady friend wants work with me. I am happy to have someone see this beautiful country with me..... Thanks from Linda and Micheal
  14. javanutt68

    javanutt68 New Recruit

    I've got a question for ya. Do most companies require you to have a DOT # or anything like that on a cargo van. My husband & I just bought our first cargo van & are looking to put it on the road. I also live in Michigan & looking to start our own business doing expediting. I've done expediting before but for someone else now I wanna do it for myself.
  15. tenntrucker

    tenntrucker New Recruit

    Got to have the vanner look!


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  16. impalaryder

    impalaryder New Recruit

    im looking to drive for a company. i recevieve a ssi check every month. can i still drive for a company still with out losing my ssi check monthly. any companies in georgia, florida etc, that will hire this way... im looking to purchase a cargo van, new at this, just need extra income, or should i be independent contractor, where to start,

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  17. wvcourier

    wvcourier Rookie Expediter

    If they find out ,you could lose your ssi check, they probably already traced your IP address.

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  18. impalaryder

    impalaryder New Recruit

    do you drive.

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  19. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    Sprinter are allowed to make about $12-14,000 a year before they start to deduct from your check.....check with any book keeper...they'll tell you your limit.
  20. paullud

    paullud Expert Expediter

    I don't even think you lose the check it just ends up being a dollar for dollar reduction after a certain amount.

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