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Mike Huckabee for President? Just Say No

Discussion in 'The Soapbox' started by aristotle, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. aristotle

    aristotle Expert Expediter

    Let's clear the air on this one. The GOP isn't going to nominate a preacher for US President. Why does Huckabee even bother? Self-promotion... sell more books, enhance his speaking fees. Can we find a viable candidate who isn't a preacher or community organizer, please? Perhaps, someone with real experience in business. Preferrably, with even a small dose of military experience. BTW, it looks like Newt Gingrich is leaning toward entering the GOP contest. Could be lots of rhetorical fireworks this election cycle. I like several GOP governors, but it's anybody's guess who will get the nomination. Those who want in will need to declare pretty soon.
  2. bobwg

    bobwg Active Expediter

    How about Herman Cain??
  3. aristotle

    aristotle Expert Expediter

    I am not familiar with the name Herman Cain.
  4. bobwg

    bobwg Active Expediter

    google his name he had radio talk show in Atlanta , CEO of a company and won the in house straw poll at the Tea Party meeting in Phoenix last week? Ron Paul won the online straw poll of the same meeting
  5. aristotle

    aristotle Expert Expediter

    I just did a cursory look with Google. Mr Cain has certainly lived an interesting life. One brief report says Cain is recovering from StageIV cancer. If Cain wants to reach conservatives such as myself, he needs to kick it up a notch. Name recognition matters. This much is sure, I will be voting for whomever wins the GOP nomination as the challenger to Obama. As much as I want to believe defeating Obama will be easy, we all know better. It will take a monumental effort to unseat Obama. We may have to resort to dirty tricks... like running Ralph Nader again.
  6. zero3nine

    zero3nine New Recruit

    How many more notches do you need? Search YouTube for "Herman Cain cpac" and spend a worthy 28 minutes watching his speech.

    fired at you from my Droideka
  7. aristotle

    aristotle Expert Expediter

    039... we aren't electing a preacher nor are we nominating someone recently recovering from Stage IV cancer. Mr Cain sounds like a very fine man but his health problems render him unviable. Sorry.
  8. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    The pizza man looks pretty good at this point...we will have to see how he does over the long haul...
  9. layoutshooter

    layoutshooter New Recruit

    My buddy runs a pizza joint, and several other businesses. He MAKES MONEY. Maybe a pizza guy would be better than the crop of bums that have popped up so far.
  10. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Huckabee for president? Just say YES if the other choice is Obama. Now, if the GOP wants a strong ticket they should run Christie with Allen West for VP.
  11. dieseldiva

    dieseldiva New Recruit

    At this point, I don't care if they run Mickey Mouse against "the one"....I'll vote for him!! :D
  12. layoutshooter

    layoutshooter New Recruit

    Naw, Micky Mouse is Disney and that is a REAL left wing wacko bunch if there ever was one!!
  13. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    Heard an interesting thing on Chris Wallace Fox panel. Mr. Wan (not sure how to spell it) made a bold statement.

    He said "The reason no one has officially thrown their hat in the Gop race is no one thinks O'bama can be beaten".:eek:

    Another "Numb Nut in the closet".:D
  14. dieseldiva

    dieseldiva New Recruit

    I saw that too.....he's a nice guy and all but mostly seems "out of the loop"!! It's spelled Juan.
  15. bobwg

    bobwg Active Expediter

    Cancer? I find no mention of cancer anywhere i look and i listen to his radio show too and even if he is a cancer survivor that shouldnt rule him out of being president did you go to his website read about him on his own web site did you watch his speeches on cpac and at last weekends tea party meeting?
  16. Poorboy

    Poorboy New Recruit

    Well hopefully he is wrong cuz that P.O.S. has to go!

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