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Looking for a list of reputable cargo van expediting companies

Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by xerxes, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    Hello everyone!

    I'm starting this thread because I'm hoping that someone will be able to provide recommendations for good reputable expediting companies that I can hire onto. Any suggestions on which companies to avoid would be welcomed also.

    As I contemplate my starting in the expediting industry I want to try and avoid any scam companies that may be out there preying on drivers. Here are a few stats of mine that may be helpful.

    Spotless MVR
    Class A CDL with all endorsements including Haz-Mat
    2006 GMC 3500 Extended Cargo van with 26,000 original miles
    I have previous delivery experience by way of semi-truck experience since 1990.
    Passing Drug Screen is NEVER a problem
    I have a felony conviction for assault back in 2012, so whatever company I hire onto must be able to overlook this type of charge.

    Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Any links you can provide to previously posted threads would be welcomed.

    So far I'm considering three companies...Jung Express, Errands 1st, and ExpeditersWanted
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  2. paullud

    paullud Expert Expediter

    Is 2012 a typo or are you trying to make 2012 sound like it was ages ago? The conviction may not even be a year old and will certainly eliminate a lot of reputable companies due to the very recent conviction and the type of crime. A recent conviction and an assault will eliminate you from most types of driving jobs as you may be finding out because they can't have what they view as a dangerous liability out on the road.

    The only company I have heard of out of those 3 is Jung, but that doesn't mean much either way. The easiest thing to do is use Google to do a search with the company's name plus the word complaints or search the name of the company here. You may look into things further but I would consider another career path until more time has passed.

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  3. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

  4. paullud

    paullud Expert Expediter

    Is that the reason for the assault charge? You posted a question in an open forum and people can respond however they wish and it doesn't matter what you think. I didn't start out being condescending but had a legitimate question about you having a typo or trying to brush off your crime and not taking it seriously. I guess we can take it to mean you were trying to cover up or blow off the seriousness of your position in life.

    I have nothing pertinent about Jung to share. It simply means I am aware of them so they are not necessarily some fly by night company. The other 2 may or may not be, I have just not heard of them.
    You provided plenty of information, a recent felony conviction for assault.

    They might say they don't factor the conviction in but quickly throw your application in the garbage when they get it. Check out the recent lawsuit against JB Hunt for proof of this happening.

    You're welcome.

    The statements I made were honest and something you may want to consider. I know it isn't what you want to hear but your situation is not something many carriers, especially reputable ones will want to deal with.

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  5. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    Paullud can you just go away. You're just a judgemental fool pure and simple. I don't want or need your advice. You apparently just like seeming intelligent over the Internet.
  6. flattop40

    flattop40 Rookie Expediter

    Xerxes all I can say is WOW!!!! GET A CLUE DUDE.
  7. paullud

    paullud Expert Expediter

    I think I'm pretty intelligent in person as well. I am not being judgemental but I am sharing advice that you don't want to consider. You can't even handle someone making a simple observation and passing along some friendly advice without getting worked up. Why would a company want to put someone like you behind the wheel? That is meant to be a question for you to seriously think about and not an attack. You are going to be running down the road with their name on the side of the vehicle and could be a major liability. They need to know that they aren't putting someone behind the wheel that will cause a lawsuit or kill someone because of road rage or aggressive driving. If you think about it a conviction for assault puts you at an extreme risk for both plus there would be a major concern for how you would deal with customers. Now if you honestly think about it would you as the owner of a reputable company in a highly competitive industry want to take that risk? The obvious answer is no which is why I suggested finding another line of work for a little while. Once you get some time in you will be viewed in a more positive light by some reputable companies but not all.

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  8. sthfl2000

    sthfl2000 New Recruit

    What can you say here...i haven't heard of any on those companies you mentioned, and if background checks and character reviews are unimportant to them then i guess thats why i don't know them.

    Driving a tractor and expediting are 2 different animals when it comes to the cargo van. Since you have the van, maybe you can lease it on to a reputable company and put a driver in the seat and then you can stay away from people and still make some j/k.

    While i will not interject my opinions of carriers, i will say this...choose a Reputable carrier with a large and broad customer base 1st...then take their lease on contract to an attorney, have it reviewed and changed as needed to protect your interests and then have a clear understanding of the cargo van business. If the carrier wont accept a modified contract, then its not the carrier i would deal with. Paying fees to do or not to do stuff at the end of a lease term can suck up your escrow deposit attention to the contract!

    Also be sure to talk with other drivers before signing the dotted line... The carrier may promise you roses AND even give you those roses UNTIL your escrow is paid up...then the roses die and your just another chicken in the pen. Also know that ALL carriers have their "drivers" and the game is crazy if you don't know how to play it regardless of what they say at orientation...the dollar rules all!

    There is my 2 cents! When you get going, keep your eyes and ears open for changes as they do occur frequently in the expedite world and be ready to act...enjoy!
  9. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    Thanks for all your advice. I was unaware that some companies are willing to modify their contracts, so I will start to inquire about that.
  10. Turtle

    Turtle Administrator Staff Member

    You may not want it, but you certainly need it.

    You can bite the hand that feeds you all you want, but the bottom line is you got exactly what you asked for. You would have been much better if your original post had stopped after the first paragraph. By adding "a few stats" of yours that "may be helpful" and then in closing thanking people in advance for "any assistance" they could offer, you opened wide the door for people to reply with honest comments and advice about your situation and your thought process.

    You've come to a public forum and have asked for free advice. No one is obligated to answer in ways they think you will like or approve. You get what you pay for. And your responses to Paul indicate a significant problem with both anger management and reality. Paul's comment about you taking your felony conviction seriously is a valid one, and is why he asked if it was a typo. Stating that your assault conviction was way "back in 2012," as if that was somehow a long time ago and is only a minor consideration certainly appears that you're trying to dismiss it as no big deal, but to a carrier January 1, 2012 is the same as yesterday in felony world.

    The reality is, motor carriers have a difficult time getting insurance if they have drivers with certain types of felonies that are within a certain time frame. The time frame is usually within 5-7 years (7 years for the conviction and 5 years after being released from jail), but it depends on the felony. Drug-related, theft-related and violence-related felonies are the ones any reputable carrier won't touch. The resulting increase in insurance rates and the high level of liability isn't worth it, especially for a low-revenue cargo van. Expediting is chock full of little glitches and unexpected events that can wear on the patience of a saint, and the last thing a carrier wants to roll the dice on is someone with a recent violent felony conviction who might go ballistic at a shipper or consignee, or at people in the office.

    Still, it's mostly on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of the carrier. If a carrier needs drivers really badly and they have more openings than applicants, a felony will not automatically knock you out of the running. But if there are more applicants than openings, even a 3 year old speeding ticket will sack you in a heartbeat. All things being equal, if a carrier has a choice between someone who is squeaky clean and someone with a smudge, squeaky clean wins every time.

    The problem you will find is, in the world of cargo van expediting, squeaky clean cargo van drivers are a dime a dozen and carriers rarely need consider anything else. Carriers don't have to, since they can summarily dismiss out-of-hand someone with a felony and still have dozens of others to choose from. With all the unemployed experienced, felony-free drivers out there, one with a felony is going to be at the bottom of the pile, if not directly into the circular file.

    There are certainly carriers who will take you on, but they aren't reputable, at least not reputable in a good way. They are carriers who recognize desperation when they smell it and will take full advantage of that. We see it every day. They are carriers who will not pay you appropriately, short you on miles, pay you lower rates and keep the difference, slow-pay or not pay you at all, won't provide the proper or adequate insurance, if they provide insurance at all, and will always have you at the bottom of the list when it comes time to get trucks loaded.

    You're much better off getting something intrastate local, like refuse hauling, courier service, beer distributors, furniture companies, construction, or, working the drive-thru at McDonald's.
  11. highway star

    highway star Seasoned Expediter

    My $0.01 in the pond, if the company you're talking too is familiar with this forum, you might wanna avoid mentioning that you're xerxes.
  12. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    Thanks for the heads up "highway star" but I've chosen to reveal all my required stats to all employers I make an inquiry with. Most will tell me right up front what their criminal and other driving requirements are. This way I avoid going part way through a hiring process that I know I won't be able to complete successfully. Most companies have a 5 to 10 year felony waiting period before they'll hire on a felon, so I have a compiled list of companies I can apply to when the time restrictions have been met.
  13. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    I don't appreciate the bulk of your commentary either Mr. Turtle and here's why...

    Heres the first paragraph of my initial thread please re-read it:

    "I'm starting this thread because I'm hoping that someone will be able to provide recommendations for good reputable expediting companies that I can hire onto. Any suggestions on which companies to avoid would be welcomed also."

    Now where in that paragraph or within that entire ORIGINAL thread that I posted, were you able to deduce that I was asking for specific advice pertaining to felony convictions or life advice in general?! My request was clear and specific...I just wanted feedback on what expedting companies people felt were good to work for and which ones were to be avoided. The stats were provided for ONE REASON allow a person that was replying to my thread to determine if my qualifications were a fit for any company that might want to suggest to me! Here's an example of the kinds of replies I was hoping for.

    Example: Xerxes you might want to try applying to tiger transport. Your stats showed that you have a cargo van and they need those. Your stats show that your MVR is clean and they hire guys with no more than two speeding tickets. Your stats show that you can pass a drug screen and they do require that you pass one prior to being hired, and they will allow felons to apply once your conviction is over two years old, as long as its not drug related. So I've worked for them in the past and liked it so after your conviction is over two years old you might want to apply their. END OF EXAMPLE.

    Now in my example I provide just the kind of feedback that was ASKED FOR. I don't try to be insulting or condescending in any way, and I certainly don't ASSUME that the poster needs advice on any and all aspects of his PERSONAL life!

    Did I ask for advice on how a felony conviction may affect my job employment opportunities?!....NO!
    Did I ask for any assistance with regards to ANY topic that might come to mind?!....NO! My request was specific.
    Did I ask for personal commentary with regards to the wording of my post?!...NO!

    And for all the blabbering and "soap boxing" you did in your judgemental post, guess what you left out....that's right...the name of an expediting company to look into or avoid. But somehow I'm the irrational one that needs life advice from you...can you just go away as well? Fool.
  14. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Well, knowing from what I've read I'll probably be lambasted but here goes anyway. The only company I've even heard of is Jung and I don't know much about them at all, just that they've been around a while. I guess a point in their favor might be that I haven't heard a bunch of negatives about them.

    Companies seem to come in 3 varieties, those you've heard lots of bad stuff about, those you haven't heard lots of bad stuff about yet, and those very rare companies that you haven't and won't hear lots of bad stuff about. You've got a really big monkey on your back but seem to know it.

    My suggestions are keep researching and learn to count to ten. When I read paullud's response to you I read a helpful response with good advice that was not judgmental just matter of fact. It's easy to read things online one way when they are entirely another way. Without counting to ten that's just how they are. With a ten count often we can see the other side and realize that's how it was meant.
  15. ntimevan

    ntimevan Expert Expediter

    Time out. ....need to go get more popcorn & snack items......:D

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  16. scottm4211

    scottm4211 Expert Expediter

    I'd give Bolt a call.
  17. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    Thanks for you comments LBD! The fact that you've had experiences where you've not heard anything bad about Jung allows me to feel a bit more secure in considering hiring on with them. I've counted to ten and have decided that you've provided me with a great post! Have a great day!
  18. xerxes

    xerxes New Recruit

    Thanks Scottm4211. I'll contact Bolt as you suggested. Have you heard or had any personal experiences with them that you can share? If not; thanks anyway.
  19. ntimevan

    ntimevan Expert Expediter

    Scott, 1 2 3 .......10, ,, And No don t call

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  20. scottm4211

    scottm4211 Expert Expediter

    Their drivers seem happy enough. :thumbup:

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