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International Prostar Maxxforce 13

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by turritrans, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. turritrans

    turritrans New Recruit

    Anyone running these new Maxxforce motors?

    How are you doing with the fuel economy?

    How's the reliability?

    Specing out a few semi trucks right now, I see a lot of companies going to the Internationals. I have always done well with Freightshakers, the Cascadia drives like a pick up truck! Wondering if anyone drives a newer International that can chime in?

    Thanks in Advance
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  2. turritrans

    turritrans New Recruit

    Into the higher gears, though, you have to use the governor. Not out to the full governed rpm - I don't think I went over 1500 rpm except by mistake because the engine is so quiet. But you have to give these big-bore MaxxForce engines full pedal if you want the full power and performance. For me, it seemed a little odd to give so much throttle for small grades, but that is the programming dialed in to the foot feed. Again, it is part of the fuel economy strategy, but it will take driver training to avoid getting complaints of low power.

    This was a paragraph of an article that was written as a review of this motors performance.

    Giving full throttle to climb small hills? Does this thing sound like a dog, or just a normal characteristic of low RPM motors?
  3. mugurpe

    mugurpe Rookie Expediter

    I've never had one, but I do know the wait times for getting my '02 International repaired are getting really long at the local dealer because there are so many new trucks back for hard-to-diagnose engine problems. I'm glad my truck is old.
  4. wrenchmaster

    wrenchmaster New Recruit

    I'm responsible for maintaining and repairing a number of these engines; my recommendation would be to run, not walk away from them. We have had terrible issues with them including an ongoing fuel system problem which has been very difficult to diagnose. The dealer has been less than worthless with this issue even though it has been a problem since the truck was delivered. I honestly do not recommend these engines at this time.
  5. dletheridge

    dletheridge New Recruit

    I'm not sure if it was a Maxxforce 13, but we were in a 2008 pro star (converted to a straight truck). We had several problems with the truck. Not really with the engine, but it meant down time several days at a time. The DPF got plugged up to the point several times that it had to be taken off and cleaned, it only wanted parked regen's two or three times.
  6. BobWolf

    BobWolf Active Expediter

    I saw an article about International may be filing for bankruptcy protection because of the problems with EGR motors nit taking off like they hoped. It was either here or on the diesel garrage forum.
    Im staying withmy 03 non EGR as long as I can.
  7. ATeam

    ATeam Senior Member

  8. BobWolf

    BobWolf Active Expediter

    Yep, thats the one I read.
  9. Eastex

    Eastex New Recruit

    Have you considered a Freightliner Glider. A Glider would allow you to use whatever engine that you choose and you could stay away from EGR engines, DPF's, DEF, etc.
  10. blackpup

    blackpup Rookie Expediter

    Article from the Springfield News-Sun Navistar needs engine approval This paragraph caught my attention though.

    "The technology Navistar is trying to used is based on a process EPA patented in 2004. Navistar’s Schrier said the company pays licensing fees to the EPA for use of that process."


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