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Hot shot trucks and loads

Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by aoexpress1, May 13, 2011.

  1. aoexpress1

    aoexpress1 New Recruit

    I understand what hot shot flats are, but what I are hot shot trucks? Are the our expediter trucks? straight, cargo van, etc.:confused:
  2. Brisco

    Brisco Active Expediter

    True "HotShot" trucks basically fall under these types of trucks here: :: Truck Show

    These guys do both "HotShot" and "LTL" freight hauling.
  3. aoexpress1

    aoexpress1 New Recruit

    The description is for open trailer smaller trucks, but what if your choses are (hot shot flats) and (hot shot vans). It would appear to me that my straight trucks would fall under hot shot vans.
  4. Brisco

    Brisco Active Expediter

    I guess if one wants to get really technical about what a "HotShot" vehicle actually is, then anything from a 73 Pinto to a 2011 Escalade could be a "HotShot" vehicle if it is loaded with "Hot" freight and being ran in an expeditous manner to get the customer their freight in the least amount of time. (time sensitive just as in Expediting)

    But, here is an old answer that I C&P'd from an old HS Board that I used to participate on. (the board is a dead board now so I'm not even going to post the link)

    So, look over some of the trucks in the link I provided above. They are prime examples of what "common" HotShot Trucks look like when someone mentions "HotShot" trucking.
  5. aoexpress1

    aoexpress1 New Recruit

    The thing that has me confused is, what did they mean by "Hot shot Vans". I was thinking alon the lines of expediting trucks. When I googled it, anything from straight trucks to semi's came up. They are listed as expedite trucks. I don't want to put the wrong classification down for my truck, this is why I am asking.
  6. Brisco

    Brisco Active Expediter

    "Classification" for what???

    The naming of your company?

    The way you want to run your business?

    Advertising? Marketing? Insurance?

    There is no "Hot Shot" classification when applying for your own authority.

    Be a little more specific. If I can't find the answer, I'm sure I'll be able to offer a little advice, and others could too.
  7. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Am expedite van in the expediting world which is the trucking industry is a big 40 to 53 foot dry van. A few carriers offer expedited services and advertise such.
  8. aoexpress1

    aoexpress1 New Recruit

    Sorry. I am applying for a carrier position with a company, there is no option for straight trucks. You have 48' van, 53' van, flat bed, step down, hot shot vans, hot shot flats. Those are the options. Not sure if my straight truck fits into the category of hot shot vans.
  9. Brisco

    Brisco Active Expediter

    Sounds like to me you're applying for a "Courier" position and not a "Carrier" position.

    Best bet is just to call them, tell 'em what you got, and they should be able to tell you what to put down.

    If it's a "Hot Shot" position, I wouldn't do "Local" hot shot stuff in a straight truck. Seek out route work with a guaranteed minimum.

    I'm guessing you ran across an ad on your local Craigslist, right?? If so, read back a whole month and see how many times they've ran that ad. If you see it placed over and over, do not walk away from that job offer, OK. RUN LIKE HELL from that Job Offer!!!
  10. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    Are you filling out a contract with a partner carrier, or trying to lease the trucks on somewhere? A lot of those partner agreements have an area like that.

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