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High oil pressure - 3126 engine

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Tennesseahawk, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Getting high oil pressure. Mechanic said it could be an oil pump, or just a sensor. He also mentioned another part I forget, that shouldn't go out til around 750k (I have 526 on mine).

    Any ideas?

    EASYTRADER New Recruit

    Get ur oil sampl3d, it migh5 be contaminated, likely its a sensor, though

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  3. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Just got an oil change yesterday. He said dirty oil would've done the pump. I didn't think 12k was too long for an oil change. I guess it is.
  4. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    Years ago a driver called in NO OIL PRESSURE.
    Father said,probably a guage or sending unit.
    It was an oll pump. Lost the engine.
    Expensive lesson.
    Most likely a sensor, but if oil pump is failing,you want it checked NOW.
    Tomorrow may be too late.
  5. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    Oil pump on a Cat is an easy fix. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty. I would change the sensor and then check the pressure before you go out on a load. It will tell you right away.
  6. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Thank you for that! Initially, I was going to run it until I got it checked out. The pressure hovered between 75 and 85, so I thought it would be ok. The more I thought about it tho, I didn't want to risk the truck on a hunch. You've confirmed my fears.
  7. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    Oil change yesterday. Did you get the wrong filters ? 50w oil ?
    Unless problem started before the oil change.....
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2012
  8. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    It started the day before I got the oil change. Then afterwards, the pressure started out a little high, dropped to normal (50) for about a half hour, then jumped up around 75. The day before I got the oil changed, it shot up around 100 at high idle, for a few seconds. Then it was at 75-85 most of the day, then it dropped to normal for a short time before returning to 85. One thing that I found weird was it dropped back to normal after running the A/C on high.
  9. Deville

    Deville Rookie Expediter

    Ok, if you are pushing that much pressure & it's not a sensor issue than you may experiance gaskets leaking, particually around the oil cooler under the turbo.

    How is it running? I know you said it started the day before. Are you sure the shop did not overfill the motor? The truck stop i used once over filled my motor by a gallon. The truck did not run right, it was drowning in oil, but I had normal to slightly lower than normal oil pressure but no power what's so ever, especialy on hills.

    I've never dealt with an oil pump issue ever. Is the CAT oil pump electrical or mechanical? I assume it's located in the oil sump/pan.
  10. Mdbtyhtr

    Mdbtyhtr Rookie Expediter

    you could have a sticking pressure relief valve on the oil pump, that is a cup like piston and a spring designed to pop off when the oil pressure becomes too high. When they stick, you can blow oil filters off and result in catastrophic engine failure due to lack of lube. Because you had the problem before the oil change, you can rule out oil filters. Another thing that can cause high oil pressure is cam bearings turning in their bore. Diagnostically, check the easy things first, like a manual oil pressure gauge to check against the on in the dash.

    Best of luck,

  11. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    That's what they're doing. I'm hoping it's the sensor, since the pump installed is over $900.

    Thanks for your answer.
  12. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    They're thinking it's the sensor or a wiring problem. They're hooking up a mechanical gauge right now. I'll take it out for a test drive this weekend, and should be good to go.

    Thanx for everyone's' help.
  13. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    High oil pressure problem fixed. Now I have low oil pressure. When driving, it's around 28. When it's idling, it's around 5 or less.

    Being that it was likely debris in the oil pump to cause the high oil pressure, would it take a rocket scientist to deduce that the oil pump may be on its last legs, and is causing the low oil pressure?
  14. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Also, when the shop changed the oil, they put too much in it... maybe 2qt to a gal. Could this cause low oil pressure?
  15. purgoose10

    purgoose10 Active Expediter

    To much in a Cat can lower the pressure. 28 sounds about normal for idling and low RPMS, should run about 40 psi normal operation. 5 is way to low, check your guage.
  16. jelliott

    jelliott Expert Expediter

    Fleet of many types!
    Sounds like it to me.
  17. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Talked to a mechanic at Cat. He said extra oil wouldn't do anything to the oil pressure; but I read it could blow the seals.

    He also said that anything below 18 should get a low oil pressure warning, and an engine shutdown. He said that the gauge could be bad.

    He also stated, when asked about the pump causing it, that it was unlikely, but possible.

    I just don't know what to do. I have to hit the nail on the head the first time. I guess checking the gauge should be #1 on the list.
  18. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Now I talked with ANOTHER Cat mech. He said the warning light wouldn't necessarily come on if the sensor is bad. He thinks it could be a pressure relief valve on the pump. I'm thinking I should just go ahead and change the oil pump. But then again, I might have damaged the engine. Maybe I should just have them check the relief valve.

    I'm so confused. :(
  19. Doggie Daddy

    Doggie Daddy Active Expediter

    It's easy to get confused when dealing with these Cat engines, mine has me in a state of constant confusion.:confused::confused:

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  20. FlyingVan

    FlyingVan Moderator Staff Member

    How did they fix the high oil pressure?

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