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Fuel Mileage on E350 diesel 7.3 power Stroke

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Johnscharf, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Johnscharf

    Johnscharf New Recruit

    I am considering an E350 cargo van with a 7.3 Diesel power stoke. Can anyone who had one give me an idea how it should do? If anyone had a cube van with that engine, I would also like to know also.

    Thanks Guys
  2. terryandrene

    terryandrene Active Expediter

    I had two of these workhorses, '92 and '96, and averaged slightly over 18 mpg on each while most of my contemporaries averaged 22+. The reason, I believe, for my lower than avg fuel ecomomy was my addition of an after market high top, 3 1/2 sheets of plywood, two large deep-cycle batteries and a co-driver with more luggage than a rock star.

    I enjoyed driving these trucks but didn't buy a third because of the excessive downtime and expense of twice rebuilding each E4OD transmission.
  3. Lawrence

    Lawrence Founder Staff Member

    >>>and a co-driver with more luggage than a rock star.

    Terence - do I need to make a phone call to inform someone about this statement?:p :p :p


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  4. terryandrene

    terryandrene Active Expediter

    Be sure to tell her "I meant it the nicest possible way"

  5. Preacher

    Preacher New Recruit

    Rut-ro! Terry's in trouble now!

    Hey, what part of Missouri are you guys from? I'm an old transplanted Missouri mule myself.
  6. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    What are you driving now in place of the Ford's?

    truck 767

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  7. Tom Robertson

    Tom Robertson New Recruit

    Over the years we have owned 7 of these vans... one even has a power chip that will take the van from 0 to 60 in about 6.5 seconds... it doesn't bode well on the fuel economy to drive it like that however when driven "normally" it too gets right at 18 mpgs...
    Excellent engine I currently have two 99's that have over 400K on them still running strong...
    hope this helps
  8. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    *LOL* I have to remind my co-driver to leave room for the freight as well!!
  9. pellgrn

    pellgrn New Recruit

    I have two 7.3's the engines run great and get between 18-20 mpg,i have a 04 with the new 6.0 and it hasn't gotten over 18,i thought the 5 speed trans would help stay around 20 mpg.They all have 3.55 rear ends and i keep the tires around 70 psi.I think the 6.0 may get better mileage as i get more miles on it,that was the case with the other two anyway.
  10. Turbod_86_stang

    Turbod_86_stang New Recruit

    I have an 02 PSD E-350. Last week in 40 degrees i averaged between 20-22 mpg. I have a superchips tuner on the towing setting and an aftermarket air filter. Advice on best milage for me is keep it at 70 or under. I change oil every 8000 miles for $50. I think diesel is worth the investment.
  11. pellgrn

    pellgrn New Recruit

    I use the K@N filters cause ya never have to replace them,if they help my mpg it's not by much.
  12. dieseldoctor

    dieseldoctor New Recruit

    Hi Guys, I'm an old diesel man but when I try to justify going to a diesel van my pencil and calculator says stay with a gas engine. Lets just look at the fuel aspect of gas versus diesel. Down below you will see part of my computer program for tracking cost. As you can see I have driven 140,811 miles this year and am averaging 14.4 MPG and used 9,782 gallons of gas. You can also see a drop in fuel milage after March when I went from a regular Ford van to my Dream Van.
    Also in the cold months and hot months you can see the effects of idling to stay warm and cool. Ok if I use an average of $1.90 per gallon, total cost would be $18,585.00. Divide that by the 140,811 miles and you get $.1319911 cents per mile. Best figures I can come up with is I might get 5 MPG better with a diesel. Take the same 140,811 miles and 19.4 MPG and I would have used 7258 gallons of diesel. Diesel is usually about $.20 higher than gas so we'll use $2.10 per gallon. Total cost would be $15,242.00 divided by the 140,811 and the cost per mile is $.1082443. This means I would save $.0237468 per mile run. Ok if I take the $6000.00 extra I was quoted for a diesel and divide it by the $.0237468 it would take 252,665 miles to break even. This is just for the fuel mileage difference. Now I change oil every 10,000 miles and figure most diesel operators do also. The best I can figure it will be about twice the cost for an oil change on a diesel than on gas. That cost has to be figured in also,but I won't bore you with all the figures. Also you have to figure in the cost of fuel treatment in the winter. Then there's the aspect of, if you need any kind of repairs they are not only more expensive but it is harder to find a good shop and mechanic to do them especially if your are on the road. All and all I just can not justify going with a diesel. Just my opinion guys. Dieseldoctor

    2004 Miles Miles / Gallons
    Driven Gallon of Gas
    January 1 12,954 14.7 884
    February 2 16,531 15.6 1,061
    March 3 12,980 15.6 834
    1st Qtr 42,465 15.3 2,779
    April 4 7,536 14.6 515
    May 5 10,525 14.0 752
    June 6 16,632 14.3 1,164
    2nd Qtr 34,693 14.3 2,430
    July 7 6,126 13.3 461
    August 8 15,030 13.9 1,085
    September 9 15,433 14.0 1,105
    3rd Qtr 36,589 13.8 2,651
    October 10 14,397 14.2 1,017
    November 11 12,667 14.0 905
    December 12
    4th Qtr 27,064 14.1 1,922
    Total 140,811 14.4 9,782

    PS looks like when I enter this chart in here it rearranged the columns severally. Maybe you can figure out how they are supposed to be Sorry bout that!
  13. pellgrn

    pellgrn New Recruit

    The cost of fuel verses gas really favors gas,i have one gas and three diesels.A couple years ago they were about the same and the math looks better for the diesel.I have more down time with the gas,fuel pump every 150,000,tune up once a year,fuel filter about every 3 months.I think if you were to sell a used gas with 500,000 on it you wouldn't find many takes.
  14. redytrk

    redytrk Active Expediter

    When debating the pros and cons of Gas vs Diesel.You should also consider the value of the unit when you are finished with it.The last Diesel van I owned was only worth Half what a Gas van would have brought.This was in 1991 and I hope the gap is not as bad today.If it is, the difference could wipe out a lot of your fuel savings.
  15. pellgrn

    pellgrn New Recruit

    That was my point,first of all if your gonna sell a van the 500,000 on it the only interest you will get is a expediters,and if it's me i go with the diesel.That's not to say the gas won't run another three years,a friend of mine has got over 800,000 on a 96 ford e250 with a 6cly.I think either on is a gamble,i would bet on the diesel with those kinda miles.
  16. Crazynuff

    Crazynuff New Recruit

    Are you sure you want the 7.3 Powerstroke ? It's been a few years since they quit making them so you'd be buying a unit with quite a few miles .

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