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Ford E350/Powerstroke Diesel

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Weave, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    Can anyone out there who is running a Ford E350 van with Powerstroke diesel tell me your average highway MPG? I am considering running one of these in addition to my D unit and just want to "crunch some numbers" for business purposes. Also, have you had any major ($500+) repairs out of warranty? Thanks!
  2. RichM

    RichM Expert Expediter Charter Member

    I have a good friend who used to run a Ford van with the IH diesel.I believe he used to average about 20 MPG with it. The engine ran very well but he had major transmission problems twice.Apparently Ford uses the conventional transmission designed for the V8 Gas Engine and it could not handle the torgue put out by the diesel. Another guy told me the same thing,he would deliberately accelerate very slow so that he would not strain the transmission. My friend now drives a Cheverolet 3500 with the tried and proven 350 V8 block.
  3. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    I know the old rumor is true, that Ford trannies suck. One fellow I talked to had a Ford gas van with over 1 million miles on it. He said he goes through 3 trannies for every engine!
    The reason I am considering the E350 is I know the Powerstroke is a great engine, and I can (fortunately) tackle repairs on Ford AOD trannies myself when they arise.
    I looked at the Sprinter, and it's neat, but.. to even consider what out of warranty repairs will cost:7
    The Sprinter's diesel is only 2.7 liters. I just can't see that lasting 500k miles, where I know the Powerstroke will go that distance.
    I don't want to use a gas engine for a number of reasons.
    Maybe I'll bargain for 2 transmission rebuilds in the 5 year projected lifecycle. By that time the van will be paid for and troroughly rusted out and worn out, sort of the way my FL70 is now.
  4. short1brik

    short1brik New Recruit

    I run a 2000 E-350 Diesel. They fixed the transmission problem. Mine is still crisp with 210K miles on it. The only real problems I have experienced is with the rear axle. I am running a Dayna 3:55 limited slip axle, and have had to replace the carrier and pinion bearings twice now. The first time was at 161K miles and again at 210K. Other than that the only thing I have done is scheduled maintenance. I have a heavy interior in my truck so it gets about 19.5 mpg on the highway. Hope this answers your question.
  5. Dkalasz

    Dkalasz Expert Expediter Charter Member

    short.. what where the symptoms of the bearings going bad?
  6. pellgrn

    pellgrn New Recruit

    i have a 99 e350 powerstroke diesel,with 70 psi in tires and wind at my back with crusie at 65 and under 500 pounds on back i get 22mpg.for every 500 pounds you add in the back subtract a mile per gallon or so.
  7. highway star

    highway star Seasoned Expediter

    I have a 99 E350 with 380k. It averages about 20, with a range of 17 to 23 depending on speed, wind, ect. Under 70 is better than over 70. I've had no tranny problems with twice yearly service. 1 alternator, 2water pumps ($450 for the pump+labor), front brake rotors(they warped and they are very expensive), 4 front wheel bearings, rear end twice(but the first time was when the first wheel bearing went at about 28000. I was sure it was a bearing, but dealer said it rear end, but that's a whole other story.),1 injector at about 120k. That's what I can think of off the top of my head. Some people would run nothing but a diesel, others wouldn't touch them. I know a guy who has a 94 Ford gas with about 800k and he put in his first tranny about 6 months ago. He never idles, but lots of gas guys idle all the time.What will I chose next time? Right now I just don't know. All the best!Highway Star
  8. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    Thanks for the responses! I guess the E350 diesel isn't too bad.
  9. 5thwheeler

    5thwheeler New Recruit

    "The Sprinter's diesel is only 2.7 liters. I just can't see that lasting 500k miles, where I know the Powerstroke will go that distance."

    I suspect Sprinter's engine will be beating the competitors, though. It has gained some respect for years all over ther World. I think it's main competitor would be Japanese Duramax diesel.

    Size doesn't really make a difference. We had Hino FB's, at the company I worked for, with 4cyl engines around 5 liters and had 700.000 km on them without a glitch. They also averaged 15-18 mpg, with loads around 8000-10000lb. And my 1981 Toyota pick-up with 22R engine, had more miles then some big trucks. If I didn't go to scrap yard,, due to rust, it would probably have now over 1 million KMs He...he...:p
  10. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    I guess only time will tell the tale for the Sprinter's MB 2.7 in heavy duty USA service. But I can guarantee one thing- repair costs will be HUGE by comparison to the International built Powerstroke.
  11. Fr8 Shaker

    Fr8 Shaker Rookie Expediter

    Have you considered the Dodge Ram with the cummins "B" series.i have that motor in my 6 wheeler and haven't had any major problems. it's a great motor and will flat out fly. lol. plus i believe they have a 500,000 mile warranty on it, just have to have rods and mains done at 250,000. (i believe)
  12. letsroll

    letsroll New Recruit

    Hello Fr8 Shaker, that sounds good. I too am in the market for a "B"
    unit, was curious how many miles your cummins engine had done so far.

    ALWAYS "expect the UN-expected"
  13. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    If only.. the Cummins ISB were available in the full size Dodge van (It only fits into the big pickups), Now THAT would be a great expediter van!
    I'll keep dreaming;-)

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