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FL70/FL80 mileage

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by city boy, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. city boy

    city boy New Recruit

    Just a quick question for anyone who can help. I know the answer varies with owner PM upkeep and driving habits but does anyone have a "ballpark" on the amount of miles you can put on these type trucks (fl70's & 80's) before "problems" arise? Any replies are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Christyrose

    Christyrose Expert Expediter Charter Member

    We have an FL70, Cummins 285 with a Spicer 7. We pm the truck every 15,000 miles. When we got the truck, about a year an half ago it had approx. 65,000 miles on it. It now has 266,444 miles on it. So far, we have had problems with the oil sensor, fuel pump, fuel lines, and we have had to replace some flooring in the van. We are getting approx. 11.5 gpm. Now we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed on the Spicer. All in all, I think we have been very lucky with our truck.

    For those with out a warrenty, Cummins does have a warrenty you can purchase, after they check over your motor and verify its condition. Cost 1600.00 for six months. }> Such a deal!!!!x(
  3. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    Early issue 1999 Cummins ISC's had a bunch of fuel pump problems, as this was the first electronic system Cummins tried to develop independent of Bosch, their long time supplier. I know as I was driving one of these as it just stopped in the most embarrassing place in the world at the most embarrassing time! (Going up Embassador Bridge at rush hour.)
    But once that pump is replaced, the Cummins ISC is just fine.
    Mileage figures for FL70/80's: (For healthy engines under 300 HP)

    Cummins B5.9-- 8 to 10
    Cummins C8.3-- 7.5-10
    Cummins ISB--- 12-13
    Cummins ISC--- 10-12
    CAT 3126/3126B-- 7-10

    I do believe those are all the engines that have been put in Freightliner FL 70's or 80's.
  4. RichM

    RichM Expert Expediter Charter Member

    My FL 70 has 591K on it with a Cummins C and a Fuller 6 speed.Great Combination. I do PM!s every 9-10,000 miles,consistently get about 11 MPG and use only about 2 quarts of oil between PM!s. It only has 225 HP and I would like a little more but can!t complain. I did go through 2 fuel pumps,covered under warranty,then started using Howes Fuel Cleaner and Lubricator additives and have had no problems. Now the AC system is another story.seems like every 2 years it will cost about $6-800 to keep in operation. If I was interested in a new trck I would defintely check out the Sterling Acterra with the MB engine. I ran 2 older Mercedes Benz trucks and you simply could not kill those engines.
  5. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    Rich, if you like a Cummins/EF powertrain combo, check out the KW T300. Cummins ISC is an electronic controlled fuel injection 24 valve head version of your older C8.3 rated @ 315 HP. Teamed with the Eaton Fuller super 10 speed (a 10 speed you only make 4 shift lever movements with) this combo is a screamer in a much higher quality truck than Freightliner or Sterling. After testing one, I have to say it has been one of very few new expedite trucks that has made me smile. Other owners and drivers experienced with it on this forum have highly complimented it. I am proceeding on buying a brand new one myself. Checked into warranty info:

    Engine- 2 yr 250k miles standard, upgrade avail. for add'l $1500.
    Tranny- 5 yr 750k standard
    Chassis- 1 yr unlim. miles bumper to bumper, 2 yr 250k for $500 addl.
  6. city boy

    city boy New Recruit

    Thanks everyone for the great insights. I am looking to jump from my current frying pan in a couple of months. I have not been able to decide whether to look for a year old truck with around 100k miles on it or just buy new. Then again, if I go new I'm undecided whether to stick with the ol fl70/80 or jump up to the class 8's. The new HDX looks good,so does the Sterling. Anyone run either of those? Thanks again for the posts.
  7. RichM

    RichM Expert Expediter Charter Member

    Weave,,would you be willing to discuss the price of the KW,also did they give you a decent trade in.I have heard many good comments about the Paccar trucks. On thing is that with a Cummins you are not limited to a KW Dealer but can go to other places for maintenance etc.With The MB Engine you will be restriced to Freightliner dealers for sure.I just have a soft spot for the Mercedes Benz engines and trucks.Spent some time in Cambodia and saw how well they held up in that third world country.They were mainly flatbeds and would get loaded without any weight limits etc and then get a wild eyed driver to go as fast as possible on a third world road.
  8. Weave

    Weave Expert Expediter Charter Member

    The T300 HDX I am buying (or at least trying to) is a new leftover 2001. Price quoted is $69,900 and they are going to give me $7500 for my '95 FL70, about what it would bring at auction. The KW's cost a bit more than a Freightliner or the Sterling, but the way Jeff Jones spec's them is with the very best components available as he doesn't like customers coming back with complaints. For instance, he will not build a T300 HDX with a CAT 3126 due to the poor reputation it has. Jeff was once a mechanic (made for easy conversation with me), and he wants the trucks he builds to be as bullet proof as possible. You just can't get things like stainless steel fuel tanks and a super 10 on an FL70. The Supreme box and Bentz sleeper put anything Alumi-Bunk makes to shame. I just have a really good gut feeling the extra $ spent on this truck are going to make for 5 years of worry free service. I forgot to mention how comfortable and quiet the T300 is. Might make me stay out a few more weekends (C&M dispatchers won't believe that:7 )
    Once I get rolling with it, I will post honest long-term reports on how things are holding up with it and it's fuel mileage, etc. up until the point it gets repossessed:7
    I know what you mean about them old Mercedes such as the 1116. They would run their little hearts out. You still see them running here and there! I was looking for some info on the new MB engines last time I was at my Freightliner dealer to no avail. It will be available in Freightliner business class trucks (New M2) along with the Sterling. Will probably be a reliable mill, But don't think it will be spec'ed to pony up over 300 HP, something I was looking for as I run a lot of heavy loads out of PA mountains and hate bogging. Other than the 9 speed roadranger in the FL106, the trannies Freightliner and Sterling have to offer are too light duty. The 230 HP Cummins in My FL70 was reliable as can be, but wasn't really up to the mountain tasks, esp. not with 6 speed and no engine brake.

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