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Fedex CC Load Board

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by RichM, Oct 12, 2000.

  1. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    Those of us with Fedex receive a tape cassette 4 times a year called the Contractors news.It!s usually quite condensending but thats another story.This last one had a announcement that Fedex CC has started a load board called www.URGENTFREIGHT.COM. If you look at it is similar to Lawerence!s Expedite loads Site. A shipper can post a load and get a rapid response,the bad part for us is that other carriers who meet the Urgent Com specifcations can also bid on the trip. I feel that this has serious ramifications for those of us that have leases with Fedex.Our leases say we are to provide EXCLUSIVE transportation for Fedex but they are not providibg EXCLUSIVE run opportunities for us.. Fedex has some of the highest tarrifs in the industry so when a load is posted Tri State or CTX or Joe Bob!s Fast freight can bid on it and will probably get it our expense,while corporate Fedex takes a percentage..Not good. Hope to hear from Fedex folks and we need to spread the word on this..
  2. Lawrence

    Lawrence Founder Staff Member
    Lawrence McCord


    I rarely share my opinions publicly. I generally try to remain open minded and un-biased. However, this is a topic that deserves attention and dialogue.

    The Internet has allowed us to have access to information and services that were impossible, even a few years ago. We at Expediters Online.Com and the On Time Media Family of web sites have enjoyed and contributed to this explosion of information.

    One of the tools that On Time Media developed for our industry was The Expedite Load Board. It is the first and largest of it's kind. It was evident to us that our industry was ready and willing to participate in this type of online marketplace.

    We took the plunge and started [| Expedited Loads.Com].

    Over the past year we have seen steady growth and have added new Shippers on a weekly basis. In fact, that division alone now employs over 11 full-time agents and reps. It has been a positive tool, not only for the Carriers, but also for the Owner/Operators who haul the load. A win win situation.

    [| Expedite Loads.Com] allows Shippers and Manufactures to post their live, time sensitive shipments to the board. Within minutes, member Carrier's start to respond with service quotes and information. At no time does Expedite Loads.Com accommodate an Auction Style approach to these types of loads.

    I, like many of you are aware of the time and cost involved in offering a premium expedited solution to move a shipper's critical load.

    A service that encourages and facilitates an Auction Style approach to this shipper's need has little or no regard whatsoever for this fact. When the bidding starts, there is only one way that the price can go and that is down.

    Therefore in my opinion an Auction Style load board is not only bad for the Industry, it is also bad for the Carriers and the thousands of Owner/ Operators who haul those loads.

    In my opinion, it is the Owner/Operator and small Fleet Owner that will ultimatly suffer.

    It is bad for Carriers.

    It is bad for Owner/Operators.

    And it is bad for Expediting.Period.

    G. Lawrence McCord
    Expediters Online.Com
  3. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    Lawernce,,I am in 100% agreement with you.Tomorrow I am going to start calling around and see what the corporate response is.. I plan on being at the Dallas show and will certainly be stopping by..
  4. WendyCal

    WendyCal New Recruit

    i've been thinking a lot about the changing face of expediting, and have wondered when some company is going to get the idea to buy up all the repo'ed trucks at pennies on the dollar, put company drivers in them, and drop rates through the floor in an effort to destroy the competition.

    The fact is, FedEx now has the capability to see exactly how low the expedite freight companies are willing to go, rate-wise, to haul a load -- and they will also be able to undercut any other company's bid. It would only take them a couple of years to completely eliminate any competition, and we know that they have the financial power to do this.

    It also occurs to me that they would have first pick of any "plum" runs and/or dedicated routes.

    Spooky, isn't it?

    Godspeed to all of you out there on the highways and byways!
  5. neo

    neo New Recruit

    I guess we have a lot of speculation as to what FedexCC is doing without a lot of facts. Let's not contribute to the conspiracy theories and ruin everyone's weekend with worry about the future of expediting. Things change, they always have and always will. Companies are always looking for a new angle and the competition always catches up eventually.
  6. Beaker

    Beaker New Recruit

    I just found this on the Urgent Freight web site about actions.
    Look under the General Information section. [|Urgent Freight FAQ's]
  7. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress New Recruit


    You wear 2 hats on this topic. Expediter AND e-business freight board provider.

    How can you attack another freight board simply because it resembles an auction?

    Aren't shippers on free to play the carrier market by choosing from multiple carriers? Aren't carriers free to quote their price for carrying any given load?

    I fail to see the difference between the two services as they both have the ability of driving down the price of moving freight.

    Expedite Loads and Urgent Freight serves the same purpose, in providing shippers and carriers with an innovative means of doing business with each other.

    How would their service harm a Carrier?
    From what I see, they offer the same benefits to carriers as your

    *Maximize Loaded Miles
    *Reduce Layover Time
    *Increase Client Base
    *Instant Load Notification
    *Optimize Resources
    *Easy To Use System
    *Networking Opps

    How does your site differ in benefits compared to theirs?

    TRUCKNMAMA New Recruit

    I have spoken to several other Expediters like Panther, and Conway that have told me they are hauling a lot of FEDEX freight.
    Do you think this may have something to do with it? I got two loads since last Sunday,and the last one was 128 miles. Bad real

  9. LittleBigTruck

    LittleBigTruck New Recruit

    "I guess we have a lot of speculation as to what FedexCC is doing without a lot of facts."

    If FedEx undercuts the lowest bid (because they see what the lowest bid is), they still make money and then hand it off to the O/O who can't haul for anyone else and is losing his shirt. On top of that, they take 42%! And they get to see just how low they can drop rates. Looks pretty clear to me. FECC is once again screwing the Owner/Operators, only now, they're doing it to any small companies as well. I'm actually glad I'm not on the road any more. I really feel for you all!

    (They're advertising quite a bit too. I got a junk e-mail from them announcing their service!)
  10. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    I would like to take a look at that junk e mail u received,if you can post the address it would be appreciated.Thanks
  11. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress New Recruit

    Looks like we have 2 conflicting theories.

    'I have spoken to several other Expediters like Panther, and Conway that have told me they are hauling a lot of FEDEX freight.'


    'If FedEx undercuts the lowest bid (because they see what the lowest bid is), they still make money and then hand it off to the O/O who can't haul for anyone else and is losing his shirt.'

    Both theories can't be true at the same time.

    I say we take Neo's advice 'Let's not contribute to the conspiracy theories...'
  12. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress New Recruit

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Oct-15-00 AT 05:48PM (EDT)[/font][p].
  13. bret

    bret New Recruit

    FedEx brokering loads

    Fed Ex has been brokering loads for a long, long time. From what I'm told from an insider, Fed Ex is the exclusive broker for Ford loads.
    Unfortunately, I think FedEx really stinks, regarding their track record of canceling loads, leaving you to take the loss. Too many times, I have accepted a load that was brokered by FedEx, only to have them cancel it hours later, after I have moved to the shipper.
  14. Adaire

    Adaire New Recruit

    Just a quick note, you do not have to use your vehicle soley for Fed Ex, you can trip lease. In your contract it should say you, the owner, are responsible for operation of your vehicle, including acceptance and rejection of loads tendered. Section 4.07 of the newer contracts have a provision for trip leasing. So you can use your vehicle for other carriers/shippers.
  15. LittleBigTruck

    LittleBigTruck New Recruit

    Has anyone successfully trip-leased from them? I had called the number once, and it was disconnected. And the thought of all of those out there with those HUGE signs, trying to cover them up? I know they say it's allowed, but they make it all but impossible to do. Drive Happy, Chris

    TRUCKNMAMA New Recruit

    I understand we have the right to trip lease but what about insuranse and permits for the trip lease. FedEx won't cover it. How do I do that?
  17. neo

    neo New Recruit

    You can't trip lease on FedexCC's permits and insurance. You have to get your own authority which varies in price. You need to contact a lawyer to set it up.
  18. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    Last weekend I e mailed contractor relations as to concerns over the new web site,as of today 10/27 no reply.I spoke to a dispatcher on Saturday who told me that all of the lower level management types in operations were aginst this website,but were overuled.The offical line is that if "we don!t do it someone else will." The various supervisors said when this starts to impact the contractors ,the good ones will leave and we will be left with the "trash'.So true..Usually in October we run our wheels off,but I along with others have been sitting..I think this is not a Roberts idea but was forced on them by Fedex in Memphis to get more visibility on the web.The next few months will be critical to see where this goes..
  19. Adaire

    Adaire New Recruit

    You don't have to cover up the big FedEx ad on your vehicle, thats advertising. What you do cover up is the FedEx ICC number. When you trip lease, its usually through another shipper or broker, and you use their authority (for a small fee), or you can use your own. There are some one stop shopping services that offer to do the paperwork to get your authority and process agents if you really want to get to the point to cut out the middle man. An average it runs about $750, but it is well worth the money. Cargo insurance is pretty cheap, but the public liability is going to be a lot more than what we get with FedEx (unless you can get a fleet policy). On the other though, the opportunity to make more money exists. I think this is one reason we are seeing more "billy bob's fast pick service" and such popping up all over the place. I've been in contact with a few other truck owners who have their vehicles leased on with big shippers, and we've been toying with the idea of going on our own. Why not get 100% of the load instead of 58% or 65%? Anyone who is interested, email me at


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