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DT466E Fuel Mileage?

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Canadiannewbie, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Canadiannewbie

    Canadiannewbie New Recruit


    I just purchased a truck with a DT466E engine. Could anyone with the same engine let me know what their fuel mileage is? The reason I ask is because I'm new to this and I would like to know if I am within the right average. If not, then I can look into why my fuel economy is off par.

    Thanks in advance for all replies. :)

    2000 International 4700 LP
    DT466E, 6-spd, 4.10 rear
    23.5 GVW
  2. Glen Rice

    Glen Rice New Recruit

    Just over 5 years ago I had a chance to run pretty much your same combo. The two factors that killed fuel economy were, weight and speed. When we kept the speed down in the 55 to 60 mile per hour range we could get 9 mpg, going 70 we went to 7.5 with a modest load. You want better mileage, better slow her down.
  3. merkurfan

    merkurfan New Recruit

    I use to run a 01 and a 97 both with the DT466E's in them. The 97 has just turned 785,000 miles with out being opened up. Still sounds good, but well.. shes tired. Still gets 9.5 to 11 depending on the foot on the peddle. It's a company truck so it is governed at 67. That makes a HUGE differance. The 01 got a fresh rebuild (some nuckle head ran it out of oil) last year, and a set of injectors last spring. My last run with that truck was 11.5 MPG and that truck weighs 18.5K empty. I could get it down to the 8's by going 75 or faster where it is allowed. Speed and wind are the two killers to fuel economy followed closely by poor maintinance. Also, new engines will get lower mileage for the first 10-15K from what I have experianced.

    Now that I own my own truck (a Mack with a 190 HP) I am getting roughly 9.5-11 MPG depending wind and how much my foot bounces on the peddle. Darn bridge of the truck is just right she really gets rocking on WI's "quality" roads (it's called diamond cutting WI, you should try it). My truck is also the lightest truck in the fleet, weighs in at 14.5K, that I am sure helps a lot too.
  4. Canadiannewbie

    Canadiannewbie New Recruit

    Thank you for the replies.

    Just got back from my first trip out and averaged 10.08 mpg, but with the 4.10 rear and 19.5 tires I'm glad most of the driving was in Ohio.

    I may have to do something about the rear end gear because cruising at ~2000 rpm at 65 mph can't really be that good for the engine. I'm thinking maybe a 3.70 so I can bring the rpms down to just over 1800.

    Btw: I have the 230 hp 660 tq engine and there seems to be plenty of power to run the 3.70 rear. I'll have to hit the mfg. website and check how gradeability with the 3.70 compares to the 4.10, also I have to consider the cost, if the cost is higher than the possible fuel savings then I'll just have to live with it.

    Once again thank you for the informative replies.

    2000 International 4700 LP
    DT466E, 6-spd, 4.10 rear
    23.5 GVW
  5. merkurfan

    merkurfan New Recruit

    actually, the DT466 his a higher RPM engine. The two trucks I spoke of at our company run 2450 RPM at 65 MPH, has not seemed to hurt either one of them, the one is aproching 750,000 miles with out major work. I think that is where international designed them to get the most MPG's.
    My Mack runs 2500 RPM at 65 and close to 2650 at 75.. Redline is 2800.
    Smaller engines tend to make power at higher RPMs I would not worry about it. But if your truck has 19.5's on it, it must be a lo profile, I wonder if this has something to do with it. Every thing we run sits on 22.5's and my freightshaker tractor sits on 24.5's
  6. vernon946

    vernon946 Expert Expediter Charter Member

    We ran a FL60 with 19.5 tires and 3.90 rears some yuears ago. Engine worked hard but still gave 11-12 mpg. Hated to have to move out of that truck.

    Present truck has 22.5 tires and 3.90 rears. Really lucky to get 10 mpg once in a while.

    Vernon in C2197

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