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DT 530 engine

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by SHARP327, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    I'm looking at buying a new engine for my International 7400 with a DT530, the problem I'm having is some times the engine is called a DT530 and other times it's called a DT530E,

    Is this the same engine? or are there differences in the two?

    My truck came with a Dt530e and the new one I found is only called a Dt530, both engines specs are pretty much the same and the emission standards are of the same year.

    I'll be calling the seller monday morning for all this info but this waiting around bugs me.

    thanks for any help!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2011
  2. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    It could be that it designates an electronic engine (ECM) vs non-electonic (mechanical). I'm pretty sure there were some Cat engines with those same differences and same designations in the model number.

    It would still be worth a phone call. The seller may have just failed to add the "e" ?
  3. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    the engine I found is a dt530 (new) and it comes with a ecm unit on it, that's part of the reason it baffles me.
  4. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    Sounds like it would work to me. There's still some verification to be done, but I would think a phone call to the seller and maybe a dealership would get it done.
  5. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    my feelings too!
  6. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    Not much help in the "getting a difinitive answer rather waiting til Monday" category though, was I ? Lol.
  7. Deville

    Deville Rookie Expediter

    What year is the truck?
  8. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Get both your serial number on your engine and the number on the ECM and that of the other engine and call any international dealer, give them the numbers and to ask them if it can work.
  9. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    thanks for the advice Greg..I'll get started looking up those #'s for tommorow morning.

    The truck is a 2003 and was put in service 1-1-04
  10. Deville

    Deville Rookie Expediter

    I'm pretty sure the "e" has somthing to do with the new emmisons that were put into place that year. Same motor with enhanced emisson electronics.
  11. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    called everyone I needed to call and so far it seems that the engine is almost a perfect match other than the torque being about 100 lbs. less and it is set up for a Eaton 10 speed so the bell housing and flywheel will need to be swapped out.

    So....does any one out there need a serviceable core (the old engine) which is complete with compressor and turbo less pulleys and fan also up for sell will be the brand new bell housing and flywheel that comes with the new engine.

    I know there's times when people can't get their engine inframed and have to resort to buying a rebuilt engine, the current (old) engine has 673k on it and has injectors that are still under warranty..she still runs smooth..has some blow-by but not as peppy as I'd like.

    If interested e-mail me.
  12. CharlesD

    CharlesD Active Expediter

    I have that engine in a 2002 International 4400 that I've had out since May. It has a lot of miles on it, but we did an inframe back in June and it's been going pretty good since then. If we can get another year or two out of it I'll be pretty happy.
  13. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    You probably know this, but you can sell the core to a rebuilder. I think the place south of Louisville on 65 is rebuilder (River City Truck Parts?). I don't remember the exact name but they have a website.
  14. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    Hey thanks Rocketman! I forgot about that place...I think I'll try and get the service mgr. at the dealership doing the R&R for me to verify that my core is indeed a serviceable core and maybe that will be useful in selling it.

    I'd also like to let my fellow expediters know that I found a source where a brand new (not rebuilt or a remaned ) DT530 fully dressed with air compressor, steering pump, injectors, turbo, water pump and I believe the thermostat is also included...they don't come with fan, belts or hoses and I didn't see a starter either.

    These are 1999 thru 2003 emission engines, 300-330hp around 900 lbs of torque at 1200 rpms. and were intended for use in a 7400, they also come witha new ECM.

    you pick it up for 8500.00 +tax or they will deliver it anywhere in the cont. U.S. for 9500.00+tax, they come with a bellhousing and flywheel for a eaton !0 speed and a 1 yr. parts warranty in writting.

    If interested send me a personal message and I'll get back to you...I'll disclose the source as soon as a I know I got mine LOL!!!
  15. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit

    YW. A friend and I considered starting a truck salvage once upon a time. That was one of the places I called to see what they paid for cores. If I remember correctly (fat chance of that! ), they wanted the crank to turn like 3/4 of a revolution and no cracks in the block. That was about it. It seems like I remember them paying a couple grand for some of the more popular engines (D60, Cat, Cummns ). I'm gonna take a wild stab at yours $1,500. Let me know how far off I am. You should do a web search too. There were several buyers that I found. Seems like River City had the best prices though.

    That price on the new engine sounds good too. I'm guessing they offer other brands too?
  16. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    I don't think they carry any other brands..they're a International dealership that just happened to get a real good deal from Navistar a while back during a closeout...what gets me is the engine build date was in case I failed to mention! they'll have 2 engines remaining after I get mine.
  17. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    Well River City truck parts offered me 400$ for a complete engine which included a turbo,aircompressor (7 months Old) possibly a brand new ECM, 6 Injectors with 1 month left on the I have to deliver it from Murray, Ky.....Geeeezzz I had a rough time even telling him no thanks I'd rather use it as a spare parts stash...
  18. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Recruit you know why I decided I better stay out of the salvage business! Lol.

    Yeah, I wouldn't consider taking that for an engine that could be used as a spare. Just have the shop do a good job of preparing it for storage and sit it aside. One thing for sure, it can't lose much value! You can probably get that much or more out of it when you sell the truck and no longer have a need for a spare.
  19. SHARP327

    SHARP327 Rookie Expediter

    Ok I bought the engine and I've confirmed it's mine so I'll release the contact info for
    those that may want to take part on a great deal, I'm in no way trying to influence any one to buy one of these engines nor am I gauranteeing anyones outcome, as always buyer beware!

    At least it's worth looking at.

    I found it at in the International Engines section under listing

    This should get you started...these are NEW engines (not rebuilt) and they have 2 remaining almost ready to drop in, this is a International Dealer that serves the military and rescue departments.

    Called around and for 17k you can get a remaned engine without all the extra goodies.

    Good Luck!
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2011

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