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DOT-Legal Sleeper

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Loose_Cannon47, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Loose_Cannon47

    Loose_Cannon47 New Recruit

    DOT-Legal Sleeper...I keep seeing this term...what constitutes a DOT-Legal Sleeper? I am considering adding a sleeper to a conventional day cab, and, lord knows, I don't want to run afoul of those Government what is required for DOT-Legal?

  2. X1_SRH

    X1_SRH New Recruit

    I love this kind of question - it makes me dig into the regs!! Here goes:

    In accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations section 393.76, to be legal a sleeper berth must:
    1. Be a minimum of 75 inches long.
    2. Be a minimum of 24 inches wide.
    3. Be at least 24 inches from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.
    4. Have easy access to and from the drivers compartment.
    5. Be compartmentalized away from the freight area.
    6. Be generally rectangular in shape.
    7. Be adequately equipped for sleeping (mattress, blankies, etc.)
    8. Be isolated from exhaust fumes and adequately ventilated.

    That is sleeper class in a nutshell. Please consult the FMCSR for further details (I know you have one in your truck, right?) - Scott
  3. Loose_Cannon47

    Loose_Cannon47 New Recruit

    Scott, thanks...that was EXACTLY what I was looking for...just didn't know where to go with compartmentalized, I'm assuming that, if the sleeper were part of the cargo box, it would have to have a bulkhead between the sleeper and the cargo...not what I had in mind, but just wondering, since I have seen cargo boxes with self-contained sleepers...Thanks again...guess I need to dig a little deeper into the regs...

  4. woobergoober

    woobergoober New Recruit


    Also, dont forget that you have to have a restraint set up, ie dual belts with buckles, for the bed, which can withstand, I believe a 5000 pound force.

    I added a nice used alumi-bunk 72 inch aerodyne, to my F650 straight truck, by myself, and it turned out pretty good.

    If you search these forums, another member provided a link to the website which has the exact regulations, which you can print out.

    At first, before adding the alumi bunk, and getting a different box, I had the idea of making the front 6 feet of my 28 foot box into a sleeper compartment, and I was trying to figure out how to go about making a bulkhead strong enough, should any dot officer find a way to test the 5000 pound force rule.

  5. Broompilot

    Broompilot New Recruit

    I visited Bentz yesterday. They were building the smallest legal sleeper to put on a truck. I just kinda wondered this.....
    I know its legal but do you think maybee that it might raise an eye brow with the DOT.

    Drive, sleep, drive, sleep, guy has no life lets make sure anyway....
  6. ACE

    ACE Expert Expediter Charter Member

    Why would a small sleeper attract the the DOT any more than a Large one.
    Some people do not live in their truck they haul freight and are not out for long periods.
    Also the larger sleepers add weight to the front axle,and they reduce the van body on some trucks.
    This can work to limit certain loads.
    Trucks are made to haul freight, not be RV's
  7. Broompilot

    Broompilot New Recruit

    The same REASON the IRS looks at Individual Tax Returns, Hmmm whats he up to? Ya think the DOT only cares about weight? I personaly do not think so, but an ity bity sleeper registered oh 12 states away would get a whole lot closer look than a larger one in my opinion.

    Anyone ever been inspected just because a DOT officer thought maybee? Go ahead give a reason thats just another one.

    Just today ILL DOT inspecting probably a 2 year 12 foot box Isuzu why? Better him than me. I do not like the process personally.
  8. Loose_Cannon47

    Loose_Cannon47 New Recruit

    Woob, thanks for that additional info...I've seen a few pics of your sleeper/box a few more when you get the chance?

  9. merkurfan

    merkurfan New Recruit

    The company I am with right now has a 2002 FL70 with the "business class" sleeper. The cab looks like a extended cab pickup. It's gotten better lately but I had the DOT guys in that truck with a tape messure more than once fighting with me about the sleeper not being legal. It is legal but all the mesurements are at the smallest limit. It's fine with me because we basically run the truck 11 hours out, get our 10, and find a load to bring it back. A driver never spends more than 2 or 3 days tops in it. We love it because it added very litte weight to the truck. I can still scale 14,500 legally with it and the truck has a insulated 26 foot box and lift gate.

    If you build your sleeper in the cargo box it MOST have a wall capiable of withstanding 6000 pounds of presure if I am not mistaken.

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