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Dock Height

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by ATCO, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. ATCO

    ATCO New Recruit

    Well, I just got back from a trip making a delivery run in a Penske unit. It was a 4300 International 4300 with 24' box, 25,500 GVW. It's box's floor height is 50".

    The two locations I pulled into had loading docks that were 'short' for me. They were both 3-1/2' or 42". Anotherwords, I was 8" higher than those docks. This 8" made it difficult to do my drop offs'... Did I miss something? Why would this unit be so much higher (I've had the same problems before with Penske units)? What is considered Dock Height? These guys at the warhouses swear they get trailers in there all the time, and the worst ones are usually 2" 'lower' (40")... I always thought dock heights were 'close' to 48". So with varying dock heights (maybe?) whats the ideal height to have a box's floor? What are some remidies to being 'high'? Being a rental, very few, right (not gonna let the air out of the tire :p)?

    -Joe Bohannon
    Bakersfield, CA
    (New B, Researching)
  2. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    Way to go Joe,happy to see you doing Expediting work.I think the docks you mentioned were on the low side,if there is a standard dock height I am unaware of it but don,t let shippers and receivers sway you.All they care about is getting the truck loaded and unloaded. Did you have any insurnce problems,keep us posted, we all like to see a 22 year old guy make it.
  3. ATCO

    ATCO New Recruit

    Sorry Rich, this was still the 'Family Business' deal. Were shipping a lot of various industrial supplies (3-700# pumps, 1,500# Self-propelled sweeper, 4 more pallets and an odd collection of angle iron, and flat steel 20' lengths)... I am getting closer to the business tho and I am starting on the paperwork side of things. My latest idea is to use the Penske rental trucks as need be until the business is built up. I have them at a super rate ($60 day, $.12 mi). Considering this is based on a need be basis for now, shouldn't cost too much (when it does, I hope to be in my own truck). Besides, less the miles, I figure that to be 'about' a monthly payment on a new truck (of which these Penske units are. Today's was a 2004, there is no way I could be in a 2004 on my own)... The MCP paperwork is giving me problems tho... It says to do what I want to do (for hire), and in this size truck I need a CA MCP... No problem, I thought. They really only let you get one if you OWN (for intensive purposes, registered) a truck... So I need a MCP to use the rental in this manor, but I need a truck to get a MCP. The CHP is going to get a call from me tomarrow. If anyone is knowledgeable about the CA MCP forms, e-mail me please, and I can run my questions through you guys.

    BTW, Rich thanks for the 'atta boy', it does make me feel welcome and apart of this group.

    -Joe Bohannon
    Bakersfield, CA
    (New B, Researching)
  4. Twmaster

    Twmaster New Recruit

    The dock high thing has been biting me in the butt here of late. I have been looking into purchase of another truck under 26K GVW and I am seeing a lot of trucks with low profile tires. I have not broke out my tape measure yet to see where they stand height wise.

    According to everything I could find on the 'Net (mostly real estate sites) the 'standard' for dock high is 48". Like Joe and many here I have seen docks from 24" to really high ;)

    So I am sitting here scratching my head wondering just how much difference in height I could get away with. Many of the docks in the facilities we work from have those nifty built in dock plates but I have not a clue what the height range they work in is. In other words would the low pro trucks I see be the same PITA I have now? DX has *lots* of decent work for straight trucks here in Baltimore. I was offered a route hauling mail but they had to withdraw the offer since my truck was not compatible with the docks.

    Mike N

    Faster than a speeding poulet.

    Owner/Operator Big 'B'
    10 years auto transport
    2 years local/distance expedite
    Laurel, MD (Washington DC area)
  5. guest

    guest Guest

    TST website: Rear floor must be "dock high" (48" - 52" from the ground)

    Tri-state website: Dock high, 48” to 52”

    These were the first 2 on my favorites list. From what I remember of my research, the 48"-52" was pretty standard.
  6. ATeam

    ATeam Senior Member

    FedEx CC has the same spec. "Dock high" means 48" to 52" from the ground.
  7. Weave

    Weave New Recruit

    Expedite trucks with air ride and dump valves can give some adjustment to different dock heights when needed based on the height of the air springs it has. With this feature, I only recall one place this past year where I bumped a dock I couldn't get fairly level with.

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