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Cargo Van O/O

Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by btrucker, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. btrucker

    btrucker New Member

    Hey y'all, I have been driving a truck for about 5 years now but wanting to try expediting in a cargo van. I was wondering those of y'all that are leased onto a company with a cargo van how do you like it? And would you recommend it? Also, I don't have any expenses other than my soon to be van and myself so it's not like I have a lot of major expenses. What are good companies to lease onto as an O/O?Thanks y'all.
  2. BigCat

    BigCat New Member

    Get a sprinter and look at load 1. Cargo vans are like a roach infestation lately. Just look at any flying j or Walmart. Lol
  3. tenntrucker

    tenntrucker New Member

    Don't think Load 1 is signing sprinter or vans at this time, a call to Brian in recruiting will let you know for sure.

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  4. Murraycroexp

    Murraycroexp Active Member

    Prob true. Saturated is saturated.
  5. noneya

    noneya New Member

    Whatever you do, stay away from panther. They will have you sitting in your cramped van a lot. As someone said earlier, look at the truck stop parking lots.
  6. btrucker

    btrucker New Member

    With all that said, maybe I'll go for a straight truck? Thanks y'all I appreciate it!
  7. noneya

    noneya New Member

    Yeah, st is the way to go. I learned that after babysitting a van for 3 months and now I am going back to st.
  8. Moot

    Moot Well-Known Member

    I agree that there are too many cargo vans. I don't believe looking at a truck stop parking lot is a very accurate indicator of the cargo van surplus though. Cargo vans park out front, in plain view, in a small lot and are obvious among the cars. On the other hand, straight trucks park in the large truck lot and are scattered and hidden among the tractor/trailers.

    The roach infestation analogy is pretty accurate.
  9. xiggi

    xiggi Active Member

    I think load1 is not signing on vans for 5 years...... I hope. :)

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  10. Moot

    Moot Well-Known Member

    Last week I saw a Load One cargo van (regular cargo van, Ford?) twice on the Ohio Pike. The first time was at night. I was going east, it was going west. Saw it again late the next day going east while I was going west. I have never seen a regular cargo van on with Load One. Was this an old timer? He did have a bushy white beard.
  11. Ragman

    Ragman Well-Known Member

  12. ntimevan

    ntimevan Well-Known Member

    I heard once the new West Division office is completed in Bison , SD. Load 1 is signing on 100 spr. type vans.......:D

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