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canadian authority

Discussion in 'Canadian Expediters' started by transporter, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. transporter

    transporter New Recruit

    What does a new US carrier have to do to move freight to and from Canada besides there drivers having identification? no hazmat, produce, passengers, or oversized freight
  2. RobA

    RobA New Recruit

    What does a carrier have to do?
    Several Things:
    1-Apply and register with the CBSA. You will be assigned a CARRIER CODE.

    Commercial Carriers

    2 - There is no such thing as "Canadian" authority. Registration of carriers is handled by each province:
    Here is the link to the Ontario Ministry of Transport
    Trucks and Buses
    Every other province will have their's on the internet as well.

    It looks like if you are a member of the IRP that will mean you don't have to apply for an Ontario CVOR.

    Trucks bearing U.S. plates may operate in Ontario if the vehicle(s) was inspected, and an inspection report completed, in accordance with the daily inspection requirements of the U.S., or any province including Ontario or in accordance with National Safety Code Standard 13 as of May 2005 which is published by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

    Where an inspection was completed in accordance with U.S. requirements, the driver must carry and produce a post inspection report that is not more than 24 hours old. Where a driver does not have access to the vehicle's post inspection report, the driver must conduct an inspection in accordance with U.S. rules and carry a U.S. report that complies with U.S. requirements and that is not more than 24 hours old.

    I hope this helps.
  3. transporter

    transporter New Recruit

    thank you for the information

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