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Bad Credit Financing for Drivers in Today's Economy

Discussion in 'Tax Topics For Expediters' started by JTCAPITAL, Feb 22, 2012.


    JTCAPITAL New Recruit

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  2. Lawrence

    Lawrence Founder Staff Member

    If you would like to advertise on this web site please contact Sean Masters at 888-862-9831 ext. 105.

  3. idtrans

    idtrans New Recruit

    trust me it will be a wise investment to advertise here! many broke oo who don't even have money for oil or fuel.

    JTCAPITAL New Recruit

    This economy is tough and only going to get tougher unless we can help each other get through this financial mess.
  5. chefdennis

    chefdennis New Recruit

    JT, I have been tough on you from the start and the PM's we exchanged while the tone as changed on my part..a AD here will benefit you and those here that can use the it WAS posted, you have a good product and it can benefit many in alot of ways...It takes cash to make ad space, you to will benefit...

    By the way, for what it is worth, yea it was advertising what you posted , but i have seen far more blatant have a good product...PM me your Contact info, as i said, i had given it to 2 people already, i am sure ill hear from others that could use that type of help....

    JTCAPITAL New Recruit

    Waiting for callback from EO and tried to send you contact but your mailbox was full, Thanks for the help very much appreciated.
  7. cableguymn

    cableguymn New Recruit

    Considering my van is on it's last mile (engine troubles today.. may be terminal.. 1 PSI oil pressure at idle and engine noise to back that up)... I might need your services.

    However, there is one van on auction tomorrow that I should be able to pay cash for.

    I'll always pay cash when I can.
  8. moose

    moose New Recruit

    Isn't that what got us to this mess to begin with ?
    why do finance company's still give loans to peoples with bad credit, that can not stay in business anyway?
    here's a hint: if you do not have money/credit to start a stand alone business, go drive someone's else's rig for a wile, fix your credit, save some cash, pay off personal expenses, and move on.
    and why this website needs to allow them to advertize here ?
    we are setting them to fail.
  9. cableguymn

    cableguymn New Recruit

    i hope your speaking "in general".. I don't qualify for a commerical auto loan.. I can buy at the dealership, but it's got to be new, or near new for them to give me a lower rate than a CC.

    I prefer small/short term loans if I have to borrow at all.
  10. moose

    moose New Recruit

    yes i was,
    i had a same post not so long ago, when EO introduced us to that "finance-guy', which suffer from the same syndrome . or back in the days when OOIDA did the same (which was the same guy BTW)...

    JTCAPITAL New Recruit

    Bad Credit financing isn't really for the people who dream about starting a business it should only be used as emergency capital to keep business going when times get tough or for those who have had some financial troubles in the past and are ok now but still cant get a loan from traditional banks. Cash is always best but sometimes unexpected things happen like previously mentioned engine trouble.
  12. cableguymn

    cableguymn New Recruit

    I kinda have a business rule that all should live by..

    If your in a hole, and not making money. Stop diggin!

    I am making money. i just have a worn out piece of equipment that is in need of replacement.

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