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B CDL training in kentucky?

Discussion in 'The Newbies Paradise Forum' started by wano08, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. wano08

    wano08 New Recruit

    does anyone kno where i can get training to get my B CDL in kentucky? i have looked but so far i cant find a school that had the B CDL/straight truck class.does anyone kno of a school in ky so i can get my cdl? i want to drive a straight truck.i have driven a international 4900 firetruck for a few years so i know i can drive one.thanks,wayne london,ky
  2. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    I am going to give you a great peace of advice - go get a class A license.

    It doesn't matter what you have driven before, it is easier to get trained for a class A, pass the test and then you can drive anything.
  3. skyraider

    skyraider Seasoned Expediter

    Try a community college first. Tn has them, only about 1400 bucks for 4 weeks and u dont have to pay the 6000 or 8000 the rip off schools charge. There is one in Nashville and Chattanooga State.
  4. bludragon13

    bludragon13 New Recruit

    Go to your local school district and apply as a bus driver they'll train you and you'll make some cash while your deciding if you want to get into this biz. cost $0,experience of a lifetime driving a group of unsupervised kids on a 20mile trip home after they have been in school all day with no PE.Surive and you can make it as an expediter.
  5. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    Grab a CDL book from the DMV, BMV whatever they call it in your state, study the class b section and take the written and driving test, you may need to rent or borrow a truck for the test, Why spend alot of money on a school? Here in Indiana I am driving a under 26K/under CDL straight truck with air brakes, a class b truck is basically the same, it allows for more weight to be hauled.
  6. bluejaybee

    bluejaybee New Recruit

    My thoughts exactly! Why pay for training if you already have driven a fire truck. Get a CDL handbook from KY DOT and read and study it. Or as suggested, get your for hire endorcement on your liscense and a health card and drive under 26000 with no road test. Or at least that is all that is required in TN.
  7. Dakota

    Dakota New Recruit

    They call it a Chauffeurs license here in Indiana, but it is not for transporting people, freight only in an under 26k truck
  8. dotcommark

    dotcommark New Recruit

    If you are currently laid off the govt. will pay for you to get a cdl at an approved school. I'm in Louisville, KY and these guys are as well. I've heard pretty good things about them. They rush you through the class but you would be hard pressed to find one that doesn't.

    Truck Driving School CDL Truck Driver Training TATCDL.COM
  9. mikewallisjr

    mikewallisjr New Recruit

    Indianapolis, Indiana - Roadmaster Drivers School
  10. bluefish55

    bluefish55 New Recruit

    I do not know what KY. requires for CDL-B, but I agree with some others here to go get the CDL handbook from the BMV and study it and take the tests. Here in Ohio for a CDL-B total cost is around $250.00-$275.00 That includes taking the written general knowledge and air brakes test at BMV, temp. CDL, straight truck rental already on site for pre trip, skills test, road test and issue CDL-B. Here in Ohio you will now have to show a current DOT medical card before your new CDL can be issued.

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