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Average straight truck haul?

Discussion in 'Newbies FAQ' started by british380, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. british380

    british380 New Recruit

    Hello.....I'm new to expediting and am wondering what would be considered the length of an average straight truck haul with a team? 600 miles? etc..etc..

    Also whats the average a team is out on the road at a time? 2 weeks?3 weeks? etc..etc...

  2. bluejaybee

    bluejaybee New Recruit

    I would consider 600 miles ideal for a solo. May wind up fudging your log a few minutes.

    I would say the average run I teamed on would probably be around 900 to 1100 miles. Of course there is always that "one" that takes you way out there somewhere. I would guess every carrier would probably have a different average. It would be based on how the luck of the draw went.
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  3. british380

    british380 New Recruit

    Thank You bluejaybee........
  4. TeamCaffee

    TeamCaffee Administrator Staff Member

    Straight Truck
    I checked our stats for last year and our average length of load was 581 miles. We do haul short air freight loads which will bring your average down considerably. More important then length of load for us is how much do we make per mile or what is our income for the day. Some of our short high sensitive loads pay more then a 2000 mile load. We also stay out at least 8 weeks to three months. Depends on what our needs are to get back to the house.
  5. mrgoodtude

    mrgoodtude Expert Expediter

    Our avg is in the neighborhood of 850 and usually out 4 weeks a clip (give or take a week).
    Like team Caffee we do short runs too (higher rate per mile and accessorials).
    We do however luck up on long hauls too like a 3200 we just did from Ma to Ca.
  6. TeamCaffee

    TeamCaffee Administrator Staff Member

    Straight Truck
    Mike can you tell them what kind of truck you are in so they can compare to an Express truck? Express Trucks, White Glove Trucks, and T-Val trucks all live in different worlds.
  7. british380

    british380 New Recruit

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone.....What is everyone's average time they go out on the road? One guy told me he runs hard for 2 weeks then takes a week off then runs again for 2 weeks so he averages 3 weeks out a month. Another guy told me he runs 3 weeks til home time...Whats everyone's average on the road and home time before they leave again?????
  8. TeamCaffee

    TeamCaffee Administrator Staff Member

    Straight Truck
    How often you go home depends on where you live and the freight lanes of the company you leased to. Being a team or solo also can change how often you go home. How long you stay home also depends on how well you are meeting your financial requirements. This is something you just will no know until you get out here and try it.
  9. mrgoodtude

    mrgoodtude Expert Expediter

    We run a T-val "C" unit with Fecc.
    Although we handle a good bit of temp sensitive freight we also handle White glove and Express shipments giving us more freight opportunities.
    Linder is correct they are in different worlds (sometimes) but as she has demonstrated you can be successful just by working smart.
    As far as hometime we don't have a set rule if close we go if not we stay out up to 5 weeks at a stretch and more if on a good roll.
    If we are close to time for home we will normally dead head up to 250 miles for a few days home.
  10. x06col

    x06col Active Expediter

    Brit, seems to me by your threads hometime is one of your bigger questions?? Your one source stated that he runs hard for two weeks. If for two weeks prescribed running, there is some bad luck with positioning, etc., and you sat most of the time, and, then things broke loose with the freight moving good for anuther three, where would you stop the success?? In this business you can be home all you want. Jes depends on how much revenue you don't wanna generate. If hometime is a LARGE issue with you, you may want to rethink. This thing takes time and effort. And lots of it.
  11. Jack_Berry

    Jack_Berry Moderator Emeritus

    i have gone 156 miles and 577 miles. somewhere in between is the average.
  12. nightcreacher

    nightcreacher New Recruit

    the avereage expedite load is around 450 miles,now add your dead head to pick up and dead head to layover,this might turn into 750 miles,as a tractor team in 2007,I ran 138000 miles,of which 118000 miles were loaded,that was in 157 loads,and 240 days away from home,and though i'm not going to tell you my income,it was way over $200000.00
  13. british380

    british380 New Recruit

    Hi Jack,
    Is that solo or team?
  14. mypie

    mypie New Recruit

    So, Nightcreacher, is that $200k before expenses with an 18 wheeler?

    Oh, and can anyone tell me what the heck a T-Val is.


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