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Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by tenntrucker, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. tenntrucker

    tenntrucker New Recruit

    I have a M2 with a C9 cat I just bought a couple months ago and am thinking of adding a oil bypass system and switching to a synthetic oil. Is anyone using the Amsoil bypass system and oil, and what are your thoughts on it. Or is there a better set up out there?

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  2. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Bob Caffee has done huge amounts of research on bypass systems and is very very knowledgeable on them and a really sharp guy on tech stuff. You should try to talk to him about them. Good luck.
  3. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    I'd like to hear what Bob has to say.
    I had an OP1 on my N-14 and ran Shell Syn.
    With 35,000 mile oil change intervals on the new truck, I see less incentive.
    I think Bob's Detroit may have 50,000 interval, although I'm not sure.
    Bob and I operate very similar operations. Very light loads. Neither of us idle. He's at 365 or 370hp and I'm at a needless 500 hp. Every Volvo rep I've talked to says do not turn it down ( which confuses me.)
  4. moose

    moose New Recruit

    when it comes to By-Pass, which ever you choose is WAY better then nothing.
    you will have a very good ROI.
    i have the OPS1 on the Glider Kit ,and the FS2500 (filtration solutions) on the HINO.
    my personal preference is the 2500 . (i can explain if needed)
    and i'd defiantly stay away from the Gulf cost filters.
    when it comes to choosing Synthetic ,the one thing to consider is how much oil dose your motor burn naturally. in my case i need to add a gallon about every 11,000 mil which makes the switch to synthetic VERY expensive.
    the problem that you are going to have with AMSoil is availability. AMS do not sale direct, not even via their website. IF you can find a dealer that will sale you direct, and if he can ship it to your home, or a place you go through often, then you good to go. it's not like you are going to find it in a truck stop. also many dealers upping up the price. AMS oil dose gives discounts for bulks.
    also AMS have a few synt. grades, you will have to consult a dealer to choose the one that will work better for your motor and your operations.
    just a bit logistics to solve.
    in a solo Expedite truck i do not see the cost benefits of switching to Synt. oil. how many mil a year do you run?.
  5. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    I choose the Shell Syn because it's in every Walmart. And reasonably priced. All Walmarts do not charge the same price btw.
  6. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    I believe when you switch to syn oil it is common to see an increase in consumption at first. Don't let it alarm you, but always have a gallon available.

    EASYTRADER New Recruit

    The ams oil system is the easiest to use and least likely to leak. I have both a amsoil and a gulf coast.

    If you do heavy haul I would reccomed the gulf coast be causeit significantly increases your oil volume.

    Most of you would be best served by the ams oil system. Its just a simple spin on filter, no leaks no spillage very simple. Also you change it when the bottom third stays cooler than the top so there's no guessing on when to change it.

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  8. moose

    moose New Recruit

    Please explain why having more Oil is better.
  9. zorry

    zorry Active Expediter

    Runs cooler ? Spreads the contaniments out. 1x of zinc is 1% in 10 gallons of oil, 3/4% in 12.5 gallons of oil.
    I've wondered if the secret ot the Gulf Coast is that you add about 1/3 fresh oil with each filter change.

    EASYTRADER New Recruit

    Runs cooler is it, my understanding is about half of eingine cooling takes plsce in the oil.

    My GC filter, does require about 1.5 gallons perchange, which i do about once a month. So you will use more oil. However having said that, you will always have plenty of fresh additives in the oil, which do get used up as the oil ages.

    But application should dictate use. Unleess you have an extremly sooty engine or do heavy haul i think the AmsOil bypass system is the simplest.

    Using amsoil itself is kind of a pain as you have to carry it with you. Not so much a problem if you go home once a month. I use it, but i carry a case in my tool box.

    K had my head off recently and the mechanic said my sleeves showed almost no wear at all, which considering i have 800k on the truck, and havent changed the oil in over 400k, is quite a testement to the GC filter and amsoil. The main thing seems to be to keep the soot foiltered out and the acids nuetralised.

    Also, 60 bucks a month on oil is alot less than 189, which is what i used to spend. If I used the Amsoil bypass filter in place of the GC, my expense would be half again.

    I use the amsoil bypass on my generator.

    I will be putting amsoil bypass on my wifes car and my Duramax truck, when i finally leave this bussiness next year.

    Incidently, even the AmsOil literature ranks regular "Delvac" as almost as good as there product but higher than some synthetics. So delvac with a bypass sysstem should be good enough.

    One other thing, when i switched to amsoil my mirrors quit vibrating so much. I know that is subjective, but both my wife and i noticed it on the first trip we took using amsoil.l
  11. DST001

    DST001 Rookie Expediter

    I use Amsoil in my 2008 sprinter van and all my personal stuff as well the oil in my opinion is the best oil you can get I can go 30,000 mi per oil change on my sprinter I have done two oil analysis after 10,000 mi intervals with changing the filter as well . I get a commercial discount and the dealer I get my oil from doesn't charge shipping and he's aout 30 mins away from my house or 2 mins off the hwy when I go to toronto hope this helps out as for there bypass system top notch

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