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All-TYPES expediting

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by Mike99, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Mike99

    Mike99 Rookie Expediter

    I want to lease one Cargo van to All-TYPES expediting.Can anybody give me some info about this company?Thank you:confused:
  2. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Recruit


    Do a quick search here and you will find quite a few threads on them. I've never done business with them, but I've never seen ANY good report on them anywhere. I'm not talking bout the usual "Panther-griping" that happens on here sometimes.
  3. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Recruit

    They also have a forum that seems to be patterned quite similar to EO. I checked out the threads and it seems that there is a LOT of misinformation about other carriers on there. The screen names are most likely phony, as it reads like a propaganda machine for them. The only carrier that gets any positive comment on there is All-Types, and every other carrier sucks. Just sounds too fishy.
  4. jujubeans

    jujubeans Expert Expediter

    Had a friend sign on with them and I don't believe he ever got paid.
  5. transporter

    transporter New Recruit

    all types are crooks i leased with them refused to pay me last
    settlement. because they said they didnt receive in the mail the truck lettering i removed. I averaged sitting 4 days after each load no refusals. I ran into 2 ex alltypes leasers at truck stops
    said alltypes cheated them of there final settlement
  6. Crazynuff

    Crazynuff New Recruit

  7. fastman_1

    fastman_1 Expert Expediter

    Don't Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Recruit

    If you ever have a problem again with it, you can search it as a hyphenated name: all-types.
  9. buckeyewildman

    buckeyewildman New Recruit

    Sssttttaaaaayyyyy Aaaawwwwaaayyyyyyy
  10. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Recruit

    With as many complaints as there are, I'm surprised no one has petitioned the FMCSA to pull their authority.
  11. MSinger

    MSinger New Recruit

    I believe their reputation preceeds them. Check out Sounds like they have changed their name due to the bad publicity.

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