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All-Types Expediting

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by Crockett, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Crockett

    Crockett New Recruit

    Another All-Types horror story....I paid 90.00 for a drug test that should have cost around 45.00.My orientation was @ a farm house in Ft.Wayne In,(they told me they were re-modeling there offices...but if you look into past history on this site they were using this farm house back in 2004)They gave me a stack of around 40 pages to go thru by myself(lots of legal wording that there was no way I would be able to understand without a expert)I should have walked then.I had to give 625.00 up front for insurnce.I was told to drive to Ohio to wait for a run.While waiting for a trip in Ohio,I was able to take another look @ the papers I had signed and realized I was in BIG trouble.I spoke w/drivers from other expedite companies about some things that seemed wrong like All-Types being able to hold back a percentage of your pay till the next pay period to help cover their cash flow problems and also if you quit b4 90 days you would owe them 200.00.I worked for them for 1-1/2 days and took the run they offered me.I e-mailed Stewart @ All-Types after the trip and told him I was in over my head and that I was going to terminate my relationship with them(my way of saying I was about to get taken by this company for alot of money and I wanted to cut my losses ASAP)His reply was rude to point of insulting,but,no big deal at least I'm done with them.After 2 months I finally got settlement check.Between the 625.00 up front money and the 295.70 for my 1 trip I should have gotten around 923.00 back.For that 1-1/2 day they charged me 340.00 for insurance,200.00 for quiting b4 90 days,150.00 for training fee,and 30.00 for misc.On my settlement check it clearly states "cashing this check constitutes payment in full"so if I want to fight this issue they could drag it out for a long time and I would have to hold on to this check for months.I am sure that there are many drivers from All-Types who had to cash checks they knew were not correct because they needed the money.I accept my share of blame for getting into this mess,but companies like All-Types need to be stopped.I'm working with the Attorney General of the state of Indiana to do my part.
  2. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    Do a check with OOIDA and the attorney general to see if any other suits have come up on All-Types of this type. If there's a precedent here, it'll make it that much easier for you. But, because they put that endorsement note on the back of the check, many would just cash it to cut their losses.

    However, those who fight back make it possible that this won't happen to the next Joe who comes along. Lawrence cancelled them as an advertiser awhile back because of their shady business practices. It's just unfortunate you didn't see the posts before going with them.

    Good for you that you're doing what you are. I wish you the best of luck!
  3. LDB

    LDB Expert Expediter

    Good luck to you. I've been told writing "acceptance acknowledges payment in full" on a check for a bill doesn't mean they can't bill you for more as in the case of cell phone cancellation fee ripoffs so if us writing it doesn't mean they can't come back for more it should work the same in the other direction. Ask the atty. gen. office but you may be able to cash that and still go after them for more. That's bogus what they did to you. There's no way insurance for 2 days cost $300, even if cancellation fees are thrown in. Good luck on taking them down a notch or three.

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  4. Fireball Run

    Fireball Run New Recruit

    They got me too. Should have walked out of orientation as soon as I saw that lease agreement. Tried to make the best of it cause the amount invested to start with them in the first place. They owe me close to $4000. I'm investing all of it tward putting a stop to them continueing to reem anybodyelse. Please e-mail me @ with what you have been able to find out. I'm in this to stop them. Not to settle out of court.
  5. Fkatz

    Fkatz Moderator Staff Member

  6. Broompilot

    Broompilot New Recruit

    Crocket, when did you discover and where did you discover that this company was disshonest?

    I have known about this company since I joined that they are disshonest. I mean how could you sign on with out doing your homework. I hate that you have been screwed, but the writing has been on the wall for a long time here on this site.

    What can we do to help future Expeditors from getting the same lesson that your going through?
  7. chaz

    chaz New Recruit

    Probably would be liabilties involved,but maybe have an alert on EO's homepage for dishonest companies to watch out for.
  8. mvbn1

    mvbn1 New Recruit

    The "alert" is right here. If someone is doing their homework prior to signing on with a carrier, they should be searching the forums to see what post have been made about a carrier.
  9. terryandrene

    terryandrene Active Expediter

    This thread is a good example of criticism with fact without the oft seen hyperbole when we see discusions of dislike of carrier procedure and policy. In a perfect world, carriers like All-Types Expediting will view posts such as this and revise their policies that give the appearence of unethical activity. Owners and Operators who read these posts and listen to the messages will learn to avoid those carriers that don't meet the standards that most of us consider to be the norm or better.

    I'm confident that Lawrence and the other moderators on these fora will agree that any posts herein are acceptable so long as they are factual and conform to the site's standards of decency.

    Good job Crockett
  10. DannyD

    DannyD New Recruit

    >The "alert" is right here. If someone is doing their
    >homework prior to signing on with a carrier, they should be
    >searching the forums to see what post have been made about a

    The thing about the forums though, is that not everyone catches em. I'm sure a lot of people have signed on & then had someone at orientation or something tell them about this site. If you're at ASAP or one of those schmuck companies by time ya find out it may be to late.

    Plus, when people are stoked about this industry, they aren't thinking of "bad companies" if ya will. I'm wondering if somehow, someway, that there could be a rating system of all the companies for everyone to see on the homepage of this site.

    I work for Thompson. I'd give them high marks (except for their American recruiter if it's the same one as when I hired in). I'd also give high marks to a few other companies based on what you're looking for. On Time Express is another good company. I left them to pursue a dream. The dream didn't work out but that's no slam against On Time. They pay ya dang well. PTL is a company I don't know much about as a company, but I know Chris & John will shoot striaght w/ ya.

    There's a lot of good companies out there. Unfortunately there's going to be people who hook up w/ bad companies b4 they come to this site.

    Good luck to ya's,
  11. chaz

    chaz New Recruit

    Thats what I say.There is a list of " 5 star " companies on the homepage. Put a list of the not so good companies on the homepage.Some people arent as computer literate as others and have trouble navigating around a website such as this one.That doesnt make them bad potential expediters.
  12. Lawrence

    Lawrence Founder Staff Member

    You can rate & make comments about carriers here:

    This site linked from our homepage. Give it a try.


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  13. garman351

    garman351 New Recruit

    Help the rest of us from that possible nightmare.
  14. tiredofsittn

    tiredofsittn New Recruit

    and they wonder why people go postal

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