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air ride seat

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by z, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. z

    z New Recruit

    Hello, I just developed an air ride seat for my cargo van. I've had it installed for about 3500 miles now. It's great no more hip pain, back aches, or those headaches that run up the back of your head from driving so much. I was wondering if anyone else has one? or if anyone would be interested in trying one? thanks Z
  2. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    To say that an FL 70 doesn!t ride very well is an understatement.Several years ago I purchased 2 of the Roho seat air cushions and they are absolutely great.I used to have hip problems and these cushions eliminated that.We even take them from the truck to our car when we are home. They cost $200 or so apeice and I was relucant to spend that kind of money on a seat cushion,but Roho said you have a 60 day trial period. Well after 1 day there is no way I would send them back,life in a FL 70 is much smoother,the cushions have lots of little air pockets which adjust to your body and a small air pump to inflate them. Go to or the Iowa 80 link.
  3. RichM

    RichM Moderator Emeritus

    By the way Mr or MS Z I certainly didn!t mean to steal your post,can you give us details and costs for what you developed.. Thanks
  4. z

    z New Recruit

    My Idea is still in the infant stage. I have started the patent process with an attorney. I have a working prototype in my van like I said in my post. At this point I'm trying to feel out the market to see if there is any interest from the "b" unit cargo van drivers. It is a totaly self contained unit including the seat, air ride mechanism, compressor and mounting bracketing. I am estimating the cost to be $400.00 to $600.00 Depending on how much I can get the materials for. The seat is much more comfortable than the stock seat. It has lumbar adjustments and more padding. It is also by its nature height adjustable, which really seemed to help me on long runs. It does not get rid of "choppy" bumps but it really makes a difference on dips and uneven roads. I don't really want to use this forum as a sales media. More to see if there is any interest and what someone would be willing to pay. My e-mail address is for anyone interested in more information. Thanks for the reply Z
  5. Hammer

    Hammer New Recruit

    I agree that the switch from TT air ride seat to a fixed van seat is completely different on those LONG rides..All you need to do is find a air ride seat/pedestal say at a truck dealership that doesn't release all the air everytime you exit the seat.One that holds air can be used with an airtank reserve bolted to the truck with a valve stem. Mine held same air 24/7!!!!!!!!!

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