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Agricultural Stations

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by dhalltoyo, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. dhalltoyo

    dhalltoyo New Recruit

    All of this talk about scales and logs got me to thinking about another type of inspection station.

    I was in Florida over the weekend and I notice the Ag Stations not only indicate ALL COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, but they also say CARGO VANS.

    What's the scoop on these types of stations?

    Do they mean BOX TYPE CARGO VEHICLES with dual wheels?

    Has anyone in a standard single wheel cargo van had a problem bypassing these stations?

    I passed a Florida Trooper sitting in the median between the two Ag Stations and he didn't seemed concerned about me.
  2. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member Fleet Owner

    As far as I know, it is all vans with the exception of a passenger van.
    They are there to check for bugs and other stuff on livestock and plants. Don't want the oranges or watermelons getting a disease.

    22 years
    EO moderator
  3. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    All Cargo Vans!

    When I pull in, I was either waved through with a smile or asked specific questions about what I am carrying. The latter I was always reminded that every commerical vehicle needs to pull into the ag station.
  4. dhalltoyo

    dhalltoyo New Recruit

    Ok, so what are they checking for on your way out of the state?

    Would I have to surrender the bananas I just bought at WalMart?
  5. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    I think that smuggling Bannans and Oranges are the problem.

    Truthfully it makes no sense why there is an Ag station on the way out as much as there is no sense for a weigh station going south on I 75 going out of Michigan.
  6. cheri1122

    cheri1122 Expert Expediter

    It makes sense to me - there are plants that are extremely invasive, like Houttyunia, and purple loosestrife, and also diseases on plants that can wipe out uninfected populations of trees, like Dutch Elm disease. The major growers are aware of what can and cannot be taken out of the state, but a small nursery, or even an individual can wreak havoc by bringing an innocent looking invader into a new area. Look at what kudzu can accomplish in a short time!
  7. dhalltoyo

    dhalltoyo New Recruit

    I saw where Michigan had millions of Ash trees killed by a beetle and now it has been detected in Ohio.

    I hope they set up an Ag station right next to that weigh station above Toledo on I-75.

    I am also going to write my state representative to see if he could get a bill passed that would also require all Michigan drivers entering Ohio to take a psychological profile test before using Ohio's highways.

    Now, that would make for an extra stop for Michigan drivers, but the added protection for those of us who actually obey the speed limits, lane change rules and possess common courtesy when driving would greatly appreciate the peace of mind.
  8. Jefferson3000

    Jefferson3000 New Recruit

    Yeah, definitely. Florida, like California is a big import state for fruits and vegetables. They don't want ag going out of the state without permit. Too many foreign bugs that could come in on an illegal ship of bananas end up spreading all over the country. In California, they USED to stop everone. Not sure these days.

    Drive Safe!

  9. Streakn1

    Streakn1 New Recruit

    Prior to getting into expediting I hauled Florida grown tropical plants out of FL weekly for Midwest Transport Corp. to points throughout the eastern seaboard and to the PA area. All plants are required to be treated for insects prior to shipment and certified. The same goes for citrus. The outbound ag station is there to check certificates and record shipped quanities prior to the agricultural and citrus exiting the state. Even if they waved me on I was required to stop and present my paperwork to get my ag stamp. If I didn't stop I could face stiff fines.

    Most of these commodities are hauled temp controlled so they're looking mainly at the reefers. They want all commercial vehicles to stop so they can at least do a visual as you drive by. If they feel the need, they will stop you to ask questions like "what are you hauling driver?"
  10. D Team Brothers

    D Team Brothers New Recruit

    We just came through Wyoming and as you enter the state west on 90 they have an Ag station sign and when you enter there is a sign that says Port of Entry? Went in, got weighed and was required to bring papers and logs into desk. No questions about Ag? Every truck traveling West was pulled in, weighed and the papers checked. Anyone know what the Port of Entry is all about, and why they don't do any Ag. check at an Ag. Station?
  11. pendiehouse

    pendiehouse New Recruit

    Yea, us Michiganders should be questioned before entering Ohio, to see if we REALLY want to enter a place like Ohio or not.
  12. nightshift

    nightshift New Recruit

    Having grown up in FL I was used to the AG stations, they were on all the highways going in and out of the state. They used to require anyone that had the ability to haul plants or fruits to pull in, pickups, cargo vans, etc.... it didn't matter if they were commercial or not. Wyoming is not the only state with a Port Of Entry, alot of the western states operate that way, they check everyones permits. Port of Entry makes it sound like coming from Canada or Mexico but it's actually just the entry point into their state.

    Don't know where I'm going, but there's no sense being late.
  13. mcbride

    mcbride Expert Expediter Charter Member

    A couple of years back my brother was hauling a 14' U-haul up from Florida to new York carrying stuff he bought at an auction. While in Florida he picked grapefruit and oranges from our mom's trees. After bagging about a dozen each...he threw them in the back of the U-haul and forgot about them...his U-haul ended up getting searched at the Agriculture stop. Naturally he forgot about the fruit...needless to say he did not have his oranges or grapefruits in the truck after the Agriculture check...he was also short a little bit of

    Apparently they check all trucks. lol

    --What goes around comes around--
  14. bryan

    bryan New Recruit


    Not sure about all points of entry's but in AZ they want to make sure they get their fuel taxes.Years ago I drove a truck with IL plates and AZ did not reconize IL plates so I had to buy a permit at the POE and then stop at the last scale and show fuel reciepts.If I had not bought enough fuel in AZ then I had to pay fuel tax on the spot.

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