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3126 waterpump belt tensioner bearings

Discussion in 'Truck Talk' started by Jimmy, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Recruit

    I had this problem this week-end in beautiful Tuscaloosa,Al.
    While heading home on I-20 engine warning bells & lights came on .
    Temp. gauge started approaching red-line(260). I pulled into Pilot lot got out checked no leaks, crawled under truck & discovered that belt was about to fly off. Got out the tool box pulled the balancer off checked the idler pulley & dicovered thatit was locked up. Called local Cat dealer,they had one in stock (only $155.00+belt+$75.00 for after-hours service call). Walked up there (only a mile) got it came back & put it on & hit the road.Moral of this is if you have a Cat3126 check that idler often. 'Cause you can get just the bearings for only $8.25 each if you work on the truck yourself you could save some heartache& possibly a big breakdown bill by replacing them at 100,000 -150,000 miles. Mine only had 440,000 on them. Jimmy
    PS. Glad this Forum is on here
  2. Irishjim

    Irishjim New Recruit

    Jimmy, Great move. I hope you treated yourself to a nice lunch with some of the savings.
  3. Larry

    Larry New Recruit

    Thanks for the tip Jimmy. I maintain a file in my truck of all the great tips I have received from this web site. The one that you have added is definately going to be near the top.

    Drive Safe. Larry
  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Recruit

    IrishJim, Thanks for reply.I figured I saved about $300.00-$400.00+ weekend in Tuscaloosa by doing it in the Pilot parking lot myself!!!
    Had supper later-LOL (Tip.Kangaroo at exit #96 on I-85 in SC Fill up100 or more gallons & get a sack of Krystal Burgers fries & Coke for free)Krystals true 8 hour food!!!!LOL Jimmy
  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Recruit

    Larry , Thanks for your reply.I hope it helped& if I can be of help just let me know. Thanks, Jimmy
  6. Weave

    Weave New Recruit

    This subject doesn't apply just to the CAT 3126, but to all engines that use surpentine type belts, gas and diesel alike. Unless you run in a clean atomophere, the bearings in those tensioners will eventually go. They usually start to squeak a little at startup when they are giving up the ghost. Most are standard ball bearings pressed into the pulley that can be repalaced cheaply if caught quick enough. Thank you Jimmy for this pointer!
  7. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Recruit

    I agree with your assesment on the serpentine belt, but this was the one that drives the water pump only. It's the one behind the serpentine drive belt. It's a pesky little booger too!!!LOL You got to pull harmonic dampner off to get to it properly & with my Fat fingers---Lord!!With the serpentine tensioner resembling so many on most new vehicles wonder if there is any chance you pick one up at Auto-Zone or Advance & keep it in stock? Also on the water pump drive belt I would check belt tension on the bottom side looks like "CAT" designed it that way so wopuldn't put too much tension on water pump bearing. Thanks Jimmy
  8. msdelaware

    msdelaware New Recruit

    I have a question about your post. Is this something hard to do. The tensioner went before in mine, broke down in TX, at night. I recently, went to have the S-belt changed because I thought that was what was sqeaky when I started it up. The mechanic said the belt is in great shape, so the squeak is still there. I want to prevent this from happening again. but maybe I should just take it in if it's something that the novice might not be up to.
  9. Weave

    Weave New Recruit

    Sometimes the belt itself will squeak if it has moisture on it. The way to tell if the squeaking is in the belt or the tensioner bearings is to spray a little WD-40 on the outer side of the belt while it is squaking. If it goes away, its the belt, if not, the tensioner. The material some serpentine belts are made of makes them more prone to start up squeaking, even if they are in good shape. In that case, I wouldn't worry about it.

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