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3 fleet owners selling trucks

Discussion in 'General Expediter Forum' started by JohnO, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. JohnO

    JohnO New Recruit

    3 fleet owners listing 2005-2006 trucks for sale in the same day. I believe we will be seeing more of this before the year is over.

    Not familiar with resale price on trucks listed but it may be good opportunity for some one in the market for a late model used truck?
  2. tallcal101

    tallcal101 New Recruit

    I have recieved calls from 6 fleet owners in the last 3 weeks asking how I disposed of my trucks.
    Yes,this may be an opportunity to pick up a second hand truck at good a price.But it is also an alarming wake up call for a group of small business owners who,like me,expected to role into retirment on the wheels of our expediter trucks.It's the end of a dream,and the begaining of an unknown,uncharted and unexpected next chapter in lifes journey.
    I hope they understnad that when one door closes another one opens.Each of us in transportation may have some more tough choices ahead of us before this thing shakes out.
  3. ATeam

    ATeam Senior Member

    And this is going on during a period of economic GROWTH. The slowdown people refer to in the financial news means the rate of GROWTH is slower than the rate of growth this time a year ago (or month, or quarter). A recession is a period of economic DECLINE. If things are this way now, they will be worse when the recession hits. As was said in other posts, recently and months ago, if you are thinking about getting out, get out while the getting is good.
  4. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    Doom and Gloom..... doom and gloom....

    You know if some of these owners want to get out of the business and if they treat it like a business then they should sell their trucks for what they owe if it is that bad. I looked through the ads and found a 2000 fl-70 for 30K, $30K?

    This is a business, this is not a vacation, you are not paid to travel around to see the sights but to work and you got to treat this as a serious business.

    I can tell you how some have looked at this, here is a quick analogy.

    Scotland has decided to change it's slogan from the "the best small country in the world" to something that would be catchy and remembered by all who visit. After six months of development and $250,000 wasted, the new slogan that was created was "Failte gu Alba" or "Welcome to Scotland".

    So with some, all the money spent and time wasted they come to the conclusion this is not for them.
  5. arkjarhead

    arkjarhead New Recruit

    Greg what do you think a good price on a 2000 FL-70 would be?
  6. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    I don't know, not $30K.
  7. fortwayne

    fortwayne New Recruit

    Shop around - mileage has alot to do with it, time on the engine, get an oil diagnosis done as well.
    A Range of 15-21 would be a good start!
    There is a reason they are referred to as 'the toss away trucks'!

    Fort Wayne
    Like Is Good!
  8. x06col

    x06col Active Expediter

    Maybe you could ask Broom about the value of the trucks. And, ask how they should be warranted also.
  9. arkjarhead

    arkjarhead New Recruit

    I'm not in the market to buy a truck. I enjoyed expediting and in about 5 weeks I'll be eligeble to go back out, but the way it sounds it would be in my best interest to stay in school.
  10. jaminjim

    jaminjim Active Expediter

    And why do you say that X.
  11. arrbsthw

    arrbsthw New Recruit

    Ark, you probably should stay in school. I have a 27 yr old son that I
    tried to get him to go to school but NO,, he wanted to be a truck
    driver. He now wishes he had went to school to learn a trade..
  12. Crazynuff

    Crazynuff New Recruit

    Be careful picking a career . A lot of former professionals and technicians are now steering wheel holders because their employer went broke or outsourced .
  13. jaminjim

    jaminjim Active Expediter

    >Be careful picking a career . A lot of former professionals
    >and technicians are now steering wheel holders because their
    >employer went broke or outsourced .

    Because you did something other than dig ditches, you are a steering wheel holder?
  14. ATeam

    ATeam Senior Member

    When I was in college, one of my philosophy professors said, "Philosophy is not a body of knowledge. Philosophy is a skill."

    In the same line of thinking, you do not go to school to learn a trade. You go to school to learn how to think (not what to think, HOW to think).

    The days are long gone where someone took a job with a company and expected to stay with the company for life and enjoy the retirement and health care benefits earned while there.

    People best positioned for success in today's work environment are those who (1) know themselves (strengths, interests, weaknesses, blind spots, values, etc.), (2) are skilled in seeing accurately what is going on around them (using techniques learned in school, like reason in math, and methods in science, and research in the liberal arts), and (3) have the ability (courage) to set and commit to goals.

    That's not to say there are not a lot of blind fools with college degrees floating around out there. There certainly are. Nevertheless, if someone is given a choice between having an education and not, having an education is the better choice.

    Finishing school will not necessarily land you that sweet job when you graduate, but it will absolutely help prepare you for what happens if you don't land the job. For the rest of your life, the thinking skills you develop in school will help you see your options and chart your course.
  15. greg334

    greg334 New Recruit

    I agree with you in some respects but I find the three points that you listed are not the entire picture.

    Many people are successes in their own right, just look around and you will see that many who never even approached college, let alone attended any have been successful. I have a few friends who never even finished high school and they seem to be doing very well.

    I don’t buy into the college will provide you an insight to life, they don’t get that the degree is not the thing that offsets the person in the real world, it is attitude and perseverance that matter. You can know your limitations and you can have a solid realistic view of a profession or world and even have goals but they will not provide you a way of generating a living unless there is an attitude and the perseverance to succeed, to follow through and win.

    At this point I depart from the pro-college and non-college people, because I have not seen at my schools where there is they teach attitude, I don’t see it in the work place when the interns came in for interviews who don’t have any good attitudes and I surely don’t see it with the ‘it is tough out there, we must find another way’ attitude with kids and young adults today.

    T-Hawk has on his tag line a quote from Henry Ford, a person of immense confusion and ignorance. See old man ford was not a genius at anything but was willing to compromise with people and get people to do the work that he needed to reach a level of what he defined as success. He like others (Bill Gates comes to mind) had those two qualities I speak of, attitude and perseverance, and if you really read about him (not the skewed Wikipedia bio) and what the company was like to work in, everything you talk about with those three points is out the window. Most of his decisions were not based on solid science or even educated guesses but what would make the most money for him his way, once he would decide something and that was it. Until 1945 the company was a mess, but it was still making money and the net worth was somewhere around $800M in real money – not bad for an uneducated farmer. The people who flourished there were not the educated college graduates but the street smart people who had attitude and perseverance, Harry Bennet comes to mind and so does Joe Tocco.

    A question that was thrown out on another forum was this – could Henry Ford make it in today’s world? I would say YES he would because even though he could not compete with the guy who has that MBA, he could see his vision and chase it because of his attitude and perseverance.

    I honestly think that the critical thinking skills that they teach actually hurt the kids today by not allow them to take advantage of things when opportunity arises. What I mean is that over analyzing things can sometimes be a very bad thing and ignoring your gut feelings and somehow learning how to take risks, even though mildly calculated risks, is the right thing to do. Many tend to over think the situation and take time evaluating solutions while others come in and solve the problem and move on.

    Seen it here, seen it at the Pharma company a lot of times.

    Now I can point to many examples but here is something to consider. Teach your kids how to deal with problems they face as kids first. Don’t PC a solution for them or even allow the school to do something like that. If they fail, tell them they failed but provide the support for them to keep trying. If they can’t make the team, show them that there are other things that they can do. Remember that kids don’t learn how to have attitude and perseverance in college but at a young age.

    Attitude - an arrogant or assertive manner or stance assumed as a challenge or for effect

    Perseverance - steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks
  16. davekc

    davekc Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Ummm???? Has this topic been over analyzed?

    23 years
    EO moderator
  17. rmctt2

    rmctt2 New Recruit

    College and College Degrees may not be the best way to go in todays world !!
    Few Examples...
    My Sister....
    Has Masters in Fasion Design....
    Makes very good money and very,very unhappy !!
    Big Companies such as Temberland,Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean ,Polo are very Cut Throat.. She works 12 to 18 hr day and still not enough...
    She was much happier working as waiterss on Cape Cod, MA..
    My Sister-In Law...
    Bachelor Degree in Buisines....
    Spent 22 yrs with Bose Corp in Framingham MA...
    Worked here way up the latter...
    When she finally had enough of 16 hr days , then taking her work home and treated like crap by Management..
    She left to start her own Buisiness.....Much Happier and Content !!
    A very good friend of mine...
    Spent 24 yrs with Raytheon Corp...
    Was six Months from Getting Full Retirement..
    They gave him his Pink slip... This was 8 yrs ogo...
    Only could collect 60 % Retirement..
    Thank God for him..
    Knew this comming eventually so he has his own Accounting Company...
    And Myself......
    I have an Associates Degree in Science and Radiology...
    Worked 20 yrs in Medical Field...
    Hated it with a Passion....
    And maybe the Best for last...
    My Best Friend in Natick MA where I grew up.....
    Has 2 Degrees...
    Worked for Volvo for Many Yrs as a Mechanic...
    Last reported Salary he told me was $ 120,000.00 yr...
    Hated every day he went in to work..
    Made great $$$ but was treated like #####...
    5 yrs ago he decided to get his CDL to Drive OTR...
    Met his knew Wife , They drive Team and has never been happier...

    I quess we all have situations....
    My thoughts are ...
    Those big Companies and the Big $$$ everyone talks about by getting College Educations...
    Is it really worth it ?????
    Maybe yes and Maybe No !!!
  18. dhalltoyo

    dhalltoyo New Recruit

    A fellow driver pulls into the shipper's lot and watches two D units being loaded with 1-2 skids.

    He says, "Are you hauling those at cargo van rates?"

    The team driver doesn't respond. Obviously, disappointed.

    The solo driver says, "Yes, I am trying to get to a better location."

    I understand the logic, but I am also seeing more and more D units hauling single skid loads. Moving to a better location, or not...the math says that it is impossible to make a truck payment, buy fuel and cover all the other expenses hauling those loads at cargo van rates.

    I sat with a driver in Blacksburg on Thursday who had a $105,000 D Unit and he was going to turn his truck over to the lender as a voluntary repossession.

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