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Thread: Heart Attack while driving

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    Heart Attack while driving

    Overdrive - number 1 worst case scenario

    What to do:

    1. Call 911
    2. Turn on Hazard Flashers
    3. Pull over to the side off the road
    4. Chew aspirin till help arrives

    Top 10 Worst Case Scenario on Overdrives website:
    Worst case trucking scenario: Heart attack while driving | Overdrive - Owner Operators Trucking Magazine
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    Re: Heart Attack while driving

    Holding a $ is holding a fast depreciated asset.

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    Re: Heart Attack while driving

    Sounds about right
    Now, if he were a petiphile he would have been made a super hero as survived the ultimate near death experiance and given a cape.
    Bob Wolf

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    Re: Heart Attack while driving

    Quote Originally Posted by BobWolf View Post
    Sounds about right
    Now, if he were a petiphile he would have been made a super hero as survived the ultimate near death experiance and given a cape.
    Bob Wolf
    Petiphile??? Lol dogs and cats beware...lol!!!

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