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Thread: mack fan clutch

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    mack fan clutch

    I drive and work on dump trucks mostly macks ive been having a problem with the fan clutches going bad . there air operated fans . ive tried changing the soleniod valves and everything but they just keep wearring out. About once a year i have to replace one. The cost to change the clutch is almost a thousand dollars and mack wont warranty this because were sitting on construction sites with the air running so the clutch just keeps kicking on and off . wearing itself out prematurely does any one have any sugestions for me. thanks

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    Re: mack fan clutch

    I am assuming you have checked to ensure you don't have a air leak to the fan. That will cause premature failure if it exists.
    If that is ok, possible change to a different manufacturer of fan clutches, and go that route. That might get you at least a year warranty on the part itself.

    The last option is to convert it to an electrical one. That might require a little parts shopping to match everything up.
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