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    Bumper mounted generator

    I was at the Flying J in Stony Ridge last week, and I saw a cargo van, I believe it was a Landstar Express driver, with a small generator mounted in the center of the front bumper. What a great idea! With an electric start, that puppy could be run while your moving down the road if needed.

    Just wanted to know if anyone knows of this person, and if so, if you know how well this set-up works.

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    RE: Bumper mounted generator

    Don't know, but...

    there's a couple from CT that drove for FedEx Custom Critical that have an aft bumper mounted generator and a forward bumper mounted tool box. The window in a rear door was removed and replaced by a window mounted A/C. Atop the roof was a huge R/V style satelite tracking TV antenna, Qualcomm antenna, roof vent and the remaining space was covered by battery charging solar panels. If Mcgyver had a vehicle like this, he could have saved the world.
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    RE: Bumper mounted generator

    I have seen a few fire/rescue trucks with these.
    I believe they are small deisel Kabotas.
    Truckgen in Jacksonville has some.
    They are a 3.5W generator
    There site is www.truckgen.com

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