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    Rear rubber bumper pads on straight trucks....


    Just wondering if I could get some advice on a problem I have with my rear end; err, I mean, my trucks rear end. When I got my truck a couple years ago, I had a daily stop that had a terrible loading dock. No truck that was dock high could get in and out unscathed. Basically, in front of the door opening, there were 2 concrete/ steel poles in the ground, and that was the stopper for the truck. The poles were way to short, and as a result, you did not come into contact properly with them. In case anybody is wondering, the lift inside had a 4 foot hinged lip that would drop down into the back of the truck as the lift was raised. So, to my problem. I think I backed into that loading dock about 400 and something times, and as a result, the bolts that hold my hollow rubber bumper pads have been bent over at 90 degree angles, and one of them was actually sheered off. I am trying to figure out how to fix this. I can not easily replace the bolts, as they are welded to the rail, and the head of the bolt is actually inside the "tube" rail. I have thought of several different things to do, but my problem is keeps coming back to the fact that I can not have anything extend out too far as that could prevent the truck from getting close enough and not allowing the lock to operate correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    RE: Rear rubber bumper pads on straight trucks....

    They have flat ones that are used on trailers that could be used. If the bolts can't be used, torch off the old. Then drill new holes for the new and you should be set to go.
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    RE: Rear rubber bumper pads on straight trucks....

    I am going to have some installed on my truck along with new tail lights. Trailer shops (the two I have spoken to) are very reasonable $ and seem to be happier with what they do than repair shops. (nicer people) East Coast Trailer in Charlotte, NC is one.

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    RE: Rear rubber bumper pads on straight trucks....


    If you need anything made of rubber you might want to try Hecht Rubber in Jacksonville Florida, they have a web page and stock like 50,000 items the sign says "everything in rubber", they have like 5 pages of nothing but truck bumper pads.

    these are the guys that stock most suppliers, they are very polite and friendly.


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