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    MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    Anybody have first hand info on Milage (MPG)
    On the Mercedes MBE 900 Engine?

    Freightliner dealer in Indy told me I would get 12-14 MPG
    on an Freightliner M2 w/MBE 900 250,
    Mercedes Autoshift, 26K 102-102 24' box
    Seemed kinda-high


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    RE: MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    I get 11 mpg on a MBE 900 260. Tranny is 6 spd manual.Those numbers sound like salesman talk.Especially with a auto trammy.It might be possible if you are on a straight run,holding it right on 55mph.
    I have achevied 13 mpg under these conditions.
    FedEx CUSTOM CRITICAL / ROBERTS EXPRESS 1988 - 2014 Retired

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    RE: MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    11.5 Is about the best I have got. but it runs an avg. of 10.25 or so.

    I will check my lap top later today.
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    RE: MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    Anything over 11 mpg. with a 6 speed auto is a stretch. A 10 speed auto shift would probably get you to that number, and possibly 12 mpg.
    fleet owner
    29 years
    Panther & Load One

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    RE: MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    I have sold about 30 units with the MBE900-280&300hp & allison automatic. The reports I am getting back from owners I consider to be reliable is about 10MPG. Hope this helps.

    Jon D. Mosier
    Driver Recruiter
    Expediting since 1992

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    RE: MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    I have a Sterling Acterra with the 926 engine at 300hp/860tq and the 6sp auto. It scales 20120 with full fuel and all my stuff and me. Straight off the dealer lot and running about 62mph it got 9.95. Next fill and similar running was 10.15 and the fill after that, still running empty and around 62mph was 10.25 mpg. I'm waiting to be loaded now and will see what it does with some weight in the box. I'd guess the lower hp would do some better on mpg, at least empty and under light loads.

    I calculated my spreadsheet figuring 8.5 mpg avg at $2.25 gal diesel. I expect to do at least that well and probably a little better on mpg and at least for a few more weeks a little better on price also. I can't see anything over 12mpg being remotely reasonable though. I'd use around 9 or at most 10 in figuring expenses. Good luck.
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    RE: MBE 900 Engine - MPG?

    I think you are right on the money, 9 to 10 with an automatic would be my expectation with that motor.
    fleet owner
    29 years
    Panther & Load One

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