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    DOT restrictions on straight truck length


    Was hoping to get some insight from somebody in the know. I have a 2004 Ford F 650 with a 28 foot box. I am currently working for a company in Michigan doing local runs, but was doing a little searching for other freight companies in my area who are recruiting. One thing I noticed, was that almost all the companies recruiting, require a sleeper. Can anybody tell me what the regulations are, as far as maximum length of a truck. Could I squish in a narrow sleeper between the cab and box and be legal, or am I smoking dope? Please excuse my ignorance and thank you in advance to anybody who could enlighten me.


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    RE: DOT restrictions on straight truck length

    If memory serves, most all states are at least 40' (many are 45'). Florida & N/S Carolina used to be 35' on two axles, 40' on three axles. But it's been a few years since I checked.


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    RE: DOT restrictions on straight truck length

    you can go to 40 ft in all states now. You can go to 45 ft in some states with three axles. Our truck is 39' and 3/4". Only been measured once and passed and that was in SC
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    RE: DOT restrictions on straight truck length

    Check the CA ( cab-to-axle) length before you add anything to the length of the body...
    I might be you are max'ed out on frame length...

    I'll check the Ford order guides in the office tomorrow....
    And will post the recommended lengths for various body types...

    P.S. - What model F-650...Cat or Cummins or Powerstroke ????
    Just curious...



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    RE: DOT restrictions on straight truck length

    If you want to add a sleeper you might have to lose the 28ft box and go for a 24ft box, that would leave you with 4 feet of frame to put a sleeper in. How do you like your F-650? I love mine so far

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