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Thread: lease purchase

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    lease purchase

    are there any companies with a lease purchase program

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    Re: lease purchase

    They are nothing that you would want to get involved with, 95% of the time companies use lease purchase as a way to make more money off of the driver. They have way to many pitfalls for you and none for the company since you end up paying for fuel, repairs, truck payment, and paying them a profit on a truck you are more likely to lose than a traditional loan from a bank.

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    Thanks I'm an city driver looking to start running teams with my wife. What driving for someone that already has a truck leases on with a company like express 1

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    Re: lease purchase

    if you both have class A's,you can make more money running for a truck load carier that uses mostly teams.Husband and wife can easily make over 100000 bucks a year.you'll be hard pressed to do that in expediting

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