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    cargo van/sprinter

    I have been working for FedEx ground for fours now and would like to go OTR with a sprinter or a cargo van. Who is one of the better paying expediting companies out there? Does anybody know anything about Landstar?

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    Re: cargo van/sprinter

    When I was looking at getting into this business I called Landstar because I had heard good things about them. At the time they were requiring so much OTR experience and they weren't taking any more vans. They apparently have limits about how many of each vehicle type they lease on. It probably couldn't hurt to call them though. It was a while back when I talked to them.

    The downside, and this is what I've heard from other folks who lease on to them, is that starting out it's kind of difficult because they don't have dispatchers in the traditional sense. You work with their different agents to get loads. It's more of an independent sort of setup. That's what other folks have told me, so it would probably be best to talk to someone who drives for them to get the straight scoop.

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    Re: cargo van/sprinter

    Personally, I would stay with FedEx Ground considering the current climate in the transportation industry.

    The Landstar info in the previous post was accurate.

    Even with expedite experience I found it difficult to transition over to Landstar. A team operation utilizing a van with a sealed bulkhead would have an advantage at this carrier.

    Pay? Basically, they are all about the same.

    Some varibles can slightly increase your bottom line:
    1. Type of van
    2. Proximity to the carrier's freight lanes
    3. Willingness to stay on the road for extended periods of time
    4. Fuel saving techniques
    5. Reduced maintenance expenses
    6. Hazmat premiums
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    Re: cargo van/sprinter

    Quote Originally Posted by FedExHD31 View Post
    I have been working for FedEx ground for fours now and would like to go OTR with a sprinter or a cargo van. Who is one of the better paying expediting companies out there? Does anybody know anything about Landstar?
    I believe landstar requires hazmat

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